Sunday, May 12, 2024

Mother's Day 2024

Sunday, May 12, 2024

For the first time, my Mother was with us only in spirit on Mother's Day.

It was strange not to have her with us today

Michael, Jacob and Mary came over to wish Laurie a Happy Mother's Day and she loved every second of her time with them.

No surprise there.

After they left, Laurie announced that the only thing she wanted today was an In-N-Out cheese burger animal style, an order of fries and a vanilla shake.

While it may seem like a simple request, you have to remember that the lines to get into our local In-N-Out are horrendously long, all day, every day. As a result, we have not gone there for a meal in about two years.

The things one does for love.

Where was everybody?

Apparently, everyone wanted to dazzle their Moms with luxury dining experiences today.

While the drive through line is usually 20+ cars long, there were only six cars in front of me when I arrived.

Thank you, Laurie!

Much of the In-N-Out menu is
secretive and thus not seen here

One example of this was Laurie's "animal style" order.

If you know what that means, then you know what that means.

If you don't know, well it is a secret menu after all.

Laurie was ecstatic with her
hand crafted meal!
I was overjoyed with my two
Grilled Onion Wrapped Flying Dutchmen

I had been told repeatedly by Camarillo Stingers football Dads Jeff Festerling and Nic Chutuk all last season that I had to order one of these cooked in mustard.

I finally had my opportunity and I thought, what the heck, if one was supposed to be so good then two would be eve GREATER!


I loved them! The lack of buns made them go down much smoother too.

Great call Jeff and Nic!

EuroBall news . . .

Spanish Serie B Semi-Final
Playoff Games were played today

The Terrassa Reds (8-0) had no trouble with the Valencia Firebats (5-3).

The Valencia Giants (7-1) cruised
past the Pinto Goldbats (6-2)

I am not sure when the Serie B Championship Game will be played but it will hopefully be a good one between the Terrassa Reds (8-0) and Valencia Giants (7-1).

When they played against each other in Week #2 on February 3rd, the Reds prevailed, 35-9.

In Italian DIII/9FL action, the
Catania Elephants, beat the Palermo
Eagles United club in a Sicilian Derby

So true . . .

I agree 100%

Only two more wake-ups until Taco Tuesday.

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