Sunday, May 19, 2024

Camarillo's 2024 Rotary Club Hap Rapp Memorial Track Meet

Saturday, May 18, 2024
Another Saturday, another day at a track meet . . .

Before we visit today's events, we need to look back to some late news from Las Vegas on Friday night.

We received great running updates from our son Andrew about our grandson Kevin's AYSO Championship soccer game.

Kevin's team jumped out to an early 2-0 lead only to squander it as their opponents roared back to take a 3-2 lead. Fortunately Kevin's forces scored the final two goals to win the championship 4-3!

What an amazing Spring athletic season our grandchildren have had!

But there would be even more today . . . 

Camarillo's Annual
Community Track Meet

We arrived for the meet at 8:00 a.m., we would not leave until 4:00 p.m. as the meet, though great fun for the kids, was poorly organized and thus ran extremely slowly.

Other than the COVID-19 year, it has been held every year since 1960, brings together Fourth through Eighth Grade athletes from all of Camarillo's elementary and middle schools to compete in eight events.

There is competition in six running events: 50 Meters, 100 Meters, 400 Meters, 800 Meters, 1600 Meters and 4 x 100 Meters Relay.

Additionally, athletes can opt for these three field events: High Jump, Long Jump and Shot Put.

Each athlete is allowed to enter a maximum of three individual events and competes only against students from their grade level in boys and girls categories. All athletes have the option of also entering in a fourth event, the loooooooong day's final one, the 4 x 100 Meters Relay.

Jacob would be competing for his Las Colinas Middle School Mustangs against Sixth Grade Boys from eight Camarillo public and private schools: CAPE, Las Colinas, Los Primeros, Mesa Union, Monte Vista, St. Mary Magdalene, Santa Rosa and University Prep.

Jacob had opted to enter the 100 Meters Dash, the 400 Meters Dash, the Long Jump and the 4 x 100 Meters Relays today.

It was another overcast day
at Camarillo H.S.

This young spectator was avidly pouring
over every page of the souvenir program
before the first event, the 1600 Meters

Only in the Third Grade, Mary
was too young to compete

Instead, she channeled her energy into being a cheerleader for her elementary school's Fourth and Fifth Grade athletes.

Hawks Rule INDEED!

Two thumbs UP was Mary's evaluation

The pom poms were the missing,
much needed touch

Time for Jacob's first event,
the 400 Meters Dash

On your Marks . . . Get Set . . .

. . . GO!

Jacob got off well and ran both
curves quite well

If his tongue is out, all is good!

Driving to the Finish Line on
the home stretch

Finishing STRONG!

First Place, YAHOO!

Waiting to climb the Awards Podium

A First Place Ribbon in the 400 Meters

Jacob was off to a great start!

Another 400 Meters runner was
having much different memories
of his quick lap around the field

Jacob was now off to the Long Jump, an event that he won at this meet last year as a Fifth Grader.

His two warm-up jumps . . .

. . . both looked . . .

. . . good to me

Under Michael's watchful eye as
he was a volunteer helping run
the Long Jump event

Michael stopping jumpers while
the pit was being raked before
Jacob's first official effort

Uh-oh, he scratched

Each athlete only got two official attempts. He only had one more attempt to get a mark.

Good take-off on his pressure
packed final  jump

Reaching for the pit

A solid landing but would it be good
enough to stand on the podium again?


He stood on the First Place Podium for a second time today after a leap of 13'-10 1/5".

Jacob's Blue Ribbon Long jump
ceremony caught on tape

What a day he's having!

It was fun running into former
Rio Mesa H.S. Counselor and
Hurdles Coach, Bill Garner today

The next event for Jacob, after a long lapse, was the 100 Meters Dash.

He did not run in this event during this Spring's Camarillo Cosmos season so we were all a tad unsure how this would turn out.

Lane 8 in Heat #1 of three
preliminary heats of the 100

It looks close at 50 Meters

Starting to pull away from the pack

He finished Second in Heat #1
with a time of 15.75

He is getting faster!

Marching to the starting line
of the 100 Meters Dash Final

His time in his preliminary heat seeded him as the fourth fastest sprinter in this final.

Here we go again!

The sprinters were placed in Lanes 1-9 according to their seeds, thus 4th seeded Jacob is in lane #4.

Four sprinters all off the ground

It's going to be close . . .

Fighting for Third Place


Driving to the Podium again

He achieved another PR in the 100 Meters Finals race, 15.54, which was 0.21 seconds faster than he ran in his preliminary Heat.
Jacob still happy with his day

Seeing his smile and a getting a
Thumbs Up made me so happy 

On the Podium with a Third Place ribbon

He climbed onto the Awards Podium after all three of his individual events, two Firsts and a Third!

A great day that was not quite over yet.

Now we had our longest wait of the day before Jacob's final event, the 4 x 100 Meters Relay.
It gave us all time to study the
afternoon's cloud formations . . .
. . . and for Jacob to get some rest

The 4 x 100 Meters Relay would be interesting, especially when it came to the three baton handoffs.

Jacob ran the Anchor Leg getting
a large lead thanks to his
teammates' outstanding efforts

Stretching out his team's lead


Almost at the Finish Line

Near the Finish Line

With the First Baton to lap the track
in a winning time of 1:02.11

Reliving the 4 x 100 Meters Relay
with his friends

Las Colinas M.S. enjoyed great success at all levels of the 4 x 100 Meters Relay races.

The Boys Mustangs teams came in First in both the 6th and 8th Grade levels while the Girls teams finished First in the 8th Grade race, Third in the 6th Grade event and Fifth in the 7th Grade event.

Lots of Mustangs happily waiting
for their chance to climb the podium

She must be Las Colinas'
"Guardian of the Batons"

One last time on the Podium

Not sure where the team's fourth
member went but it was simply an
AMAZING DAY for Jacob!

Three First Place and a Third Place finish. I doubt that anyone at any grade level, Boy or Girl, had a better day today.


Mugging for the camera for the first time that I can remember.

After EIGHT hours at Camarillo H.S.,
two proud grandparents were in
deep need of a celebratory pizza

We both agreed that a stop at Freda's Pizza & Woodfired Kitchen was in order along with a crafted beer or two.

What a day, way to go Kevin, Jacob and Mary! 

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