Friday, April 3, 2015

Wonderful Alicante, Day II

Wednesday, 1 April, 2015:

After a good night's sleep, we were up early for the second day of our mini-Mediterranean beach vacation.

The plan for the day was simple enough . . . sightseeing, shopping, Sun, food, more shopping and a Procesión or two.

 This imposing structure is reached
via elevator deep in the bowels of a mountain


Laurie and the Archer

The sight of our afternoon basking

Watch out for that bird

A nice sunrise



Art wall made from shards from
local archeological digs

Castillo Museum Room

 Ancient McDonalds?

 Rich tapestry

So much for begging for mercy

Nike and Laurie

False front

"Post no handbills"

They should have added "NO GRAFFITI".

 Alicante's City Crest

 There are craft shops at the end
of the Esplanade today

Art on the Esplanade

Amigos enjoying the morning

Somehow we resisted

Esplanade architecture

Art and Architecture

 Dozing Lion

Time out

Immigration Art

During the Summer of 1962, thousands of Spanish and French exiles from French Algeria, called "Pieds-Noir", received an exemplary welcome from the people of Alicante and it's province. In gratitude, the "Pieds-Noir" donated these two symbolic statues to Alicante as a way of saying thank you.

Definitely a refreshing point of view on immigration.

 Oh good, another Fiesta!

Lunch at the Cervecería Sento

Awesome tapas, great atmosphere and a fun staff . . . what more could you ask for for lunch?

 Photo shoot of a traditionally
dressed woman


Brownies and Ice Cream

We said no and bought ice cream up the street again at Spain's Third Best Ice Cream Shop.

 Alicante's ancient City Hall

Time to relax again in the Sun and
the Med on the Playa del Postiguet

 Laurie was ready for a four
hour break from shopping

 Jesus in jail


The Hermandad de Santa Cruz Procesión

The first of three Procesións scheduled for this Wednesday night, it was going to start at 7:00 p.m. so we opted to see some of it before dinner.

It matches her eyes

Pointy Heads

We were not sure why but this Procesión was jam packed with spectators making viewing next to impossible so we moved on to find a dining spot.

Drinks only, no food, keep looking

 This taverna offered good tapas,
great wine and fun people watching

The Reds were starting to assemble

The Cofradía Sacramental del Cristo del Divino Amor y Virgen de la Soledad "La Marinera" Procesión

Their Procesión would not start until 9:00 p.m. but their queueing was worth a look.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

I hope those are caramelos

A regal Doña

Wonderful comb and mantilla

Father-Son moment

 Mother-Daughter Moment

 Non-Nazarene tunics

Meeting of the minds




We had lots of time until any one of the three Procesións reached Alicante's Casco Antiguo or Old Town, so we opted for a long, slow stroll to burn off a few calories.

Gorgeous round-about fountain

 Tapas among the jamons

We were fat and sassy at this point and fully intended to go back to the La Milagrosa B&B to call it a night.

Suddenly we heard a band playing loudly just down the calle and, like a siren's call, just had to see a Procesión go by.

It was the USC Trojan Marching Band!

Why the black plumes?

But which Procesión was it?

It was the Hermandad de
Santa Cruz's Procesión

That was the Procesión that was so crowded when we tried to see it's start four hours ago. They were still on the go!

Red and Black . . . Cobra colors

The Paso Cristo de la Fe

 Rounding my corner

The street was full of both Nazarene
and non-Nazarene followers


 Turning the corner

Golden Stairway

It was late and we had enjoyed yet another wonderful day in Alicante . . . A GREAT/RELAXED CITY!!!

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