Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beach Day in Alicante

Saturday, 25 April, 2015:

We had talked the last few warm Spring days about going to the beach today, but where?

I asked our Cobras Team President Alejandro Sotomayor last night on the ride home from practice for his recommendation for a beach to visit and he was quick to nominate Cabo de Palos as his playa of choice.

He also mentioned that it is usually packed on weekends.

We had narrowed our final destination choices to three places, Alicante, Cartagena and Cabo de Palos. Laurie got on her iPad's weather app and discovered that Alicante would be  the warmest of the three so that decision was made for us.

Still, with no football on Tuesday, Cabo de Palos may merit a trip, weather permitting.

 Things we LOVE about España

Before boarding the train to Alicante, we stopped at the Murcia Train Stations Café Bar for two Café con Leches, a croissant and a sugar donut.

Total cost was 5.35 Euros, about $5.75 USD.

The round trip ticket to Alicante was 6.90 Euros each, about $7.50 USD apiece.

The prices for food, drink, travel and lodging make España a tourist paradise.

After the 75 minute train ride to the Mediterranean seaport city of Alicante, it was time for at least one more café, a cortado, this time with a delicious tostada de jamon y tomate.

 They served a superb cortado

 Harbor side park

We had about a mile and a half walk to the beach from the train station.

 Missing an incisor

 Alicante's Famous Promenade

 The Promenade's Band Shell

 The yacht basin was calm

 Modernista Art

We were a bit early but that meant
a good spot was ours for the taking

Interesting Palm Species

Couple playing cards

 This sand castle took
one full day to build

The horse they added today was

After four and a half hours of basking, we packed up our belongings to come home after a great beach day.

 But first we needed a vino tinto

The quiet streets of Alicante

We also stopped for a tapas and caña at our favorite spot in Alicante, the Cerveceria Sento, on the way back to the train station.

We just had to do it.

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