Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taking the Post-Game Edge Off in Barcelona

Sunday, 19 April, 2015:

In a Spanish season first, we decided to stay in Barcelona for a few days after the game rather than return home with the team.

Post-game field grooming

I forgot to post this photo in our Barcelona Búfals game post. It is of the Búfals players armed with brooms to clean off the chalk lines from the artificial turf field to make it whole again for fútbol . . . a classic EuroBall situation.

On the walk from the stadium to our hotel, we got thirsty and hungry.

Well, Laurie was mostly thirsty
while I was mostly hungry

What is our waiter doing?

Oh, pouring Cidra the proper way

Chorizo al Diablo

Tostada de tomate y anchoa

We progressed towards our hotel without any further delay, checked in, unpacked and then headed back out to the fun streets of Barcelona.


Indeed it is!

Moorish influence?

Bari Gothic street

Chocolate Shop

Dare we step in?


It was GREAT chocolate, we just HAD to buy some.

This concert may help me get over
the Búfals game a bit

The Concert Venue in the
Basílica Santa María del Pi

We had a few hours to kill before the concert's start, so . . .

Shoe shopping it was!

Look, but do NOT buy!

Our favorite Barcelona Tapas Bar


Dessert Tapas . . . WOW!!!!!!

Laurie looking for
The Library of Forgotten Books

Las Ramblas

Christopher Columbus

I do not know


Dos Cortados por favor

Las Ramblas Showtime

Mike D'Antuono told us
about this place on Las Ramblas

Jamón, blessed JAMÓN

Crisis? What financial crisis?

The cheap seats for Tuesday's Champions League game between FC Barcelona and Paris St. Germain start at 135 Euros.


No pictures please when buying
yet another fan

Look, but do not buy!

Michael Gonzalez

What a great Spanish guitar concert!

Laurie getting Michael Gonzalez's
autograph on his CD we just bought

A good afternoon and evening
got my mind off of the Búfals game

A little bit at least.

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