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A Surprise Visit the Real Casino de Murcia and The Godfather

Thursday, 16 April, 2015:

After having stayed indoors all day of Wednesday, we decided to get out for some good exercise and to use the day to again bolster the local economy by shopping as we wound our way to the Sala de Exposiciones Palacio Almudí.

The Sala is that rarest of things in Murcia, a museum that I have not visited.

Thus we were off on at least a four mile stroll on a bright and sunny day.

 Homage to Kike?

Kike is an offensive lineman for the Cobras. According to today's newspaper at breakfast today, the local indoor soccer team is going to honor him in a few days.

Who knew?

A Spanish version of Laurie and me
on a stroll themselves

A funny thing happened to us on our way to the Sala . . .

The Real Casino de Murcia

This is the social meeting place for an upper crust private group that dates back to its founding in 1847.

For a modest three Euros each, we entered to tour this fascinating building. I had toured it back in December and loved it and was sure that Laurie would as well.

The Casino's Entryway

One of two Peceras

These Members Only reading rooms are called the Fish Tanks because people walking by them on Calle Trapería can clearly see them lounging.

Room 1
Patio Arabe

The Patio Arabe

This patio is the first room that you see upon entering the Casino and, as it just so happens, I love Arabic architecture.

Rich Geometric Designs

"Nothing Greater Than Allah"

That phrase is all over this patio

 Nice marble floor pattern

 Cool Skylight

 Nice Lamp

Closeup Look

The Pillars were of interest too

As was this jar

Laurie's hair color precludes her attempt
to blend into the Moorish surroundings

Room 2
Galería Central

Looking into the Galería Central

Queen Laurie

The Queen's Throne

 Galería Central Archway

Room 3
Biblioteca Ingles

The Biblioteca Inglesa

 Nice Biblioteca Reading Table

 The Biblioteca's wooden floor

 The Biblioteca's Migrating Flamingos

They represent the spirit of the 19th century traveler.

Room 4

La Modelo

Painted by Obdulio Miralles, he fell in love with the model. His love was not returned, so at the age of 27 he committed suicide.

Huertanas in the fields

Huertana working

Room 5
Salón de Baile

 Laurie loved the Ballroom

 It had a greater ceiling

 The mirrors made it look
bigger, of course, to the dancers

Wonderful Chandelier

Room 6

Laurie thinking of how to improve
the looks of this room

I liked it

Room 7

The Ladies Room Ceiling


Looking GOOD!

Laurie liked the Tocador's Lamps

Room 8
Salón de Armas

I liked the Arms Room's Logo

It was the Fencing Room
back in the day

Representing all four . . .
. . . of the Seasons

Room 9
Salón de Té

 The room was set for a luncheon
so we could not enter

Room 10
La Exedra

 La Dama de Elche

It is only a replica and this room basically gives a visitor a good overall view of the Casino.

Room 11
Patio Pompeyano

 A Republican woman?

Room 12
Patio Azul and Sala de Billar

 Another no enter room as a
conference of some sort was to be held

Socios of el Real Casino
de Murcia at play

The Billiards Room was off limits as well today as club members were enjoying the tables.

 I think that Laurie was duly
impressed by the Casino

It was now too late to enter the nearby Sala de Exposiciones Palacio Almudí as siesta time loomed.

Siesta time, though, also means lunch time!

 The Cine Rex

On our way to sustenance, we passed by the Cine Rex and noticed that they are sponsoring a film series with all movies being shown in their original language.

Lo and behold, tonight at 7:30 they were showing THE GODFATHER, one of the greatest movies of all time!

We instantly decided to return later tonight to see this classic Francis Ford Coppola movie.

Lunch at Last at the
Taberna Las Jarras

This wonderful little out-of-the-way dive bar serves marvelous tapas.

 That's us in the mirror

The tapas that we chose ranged
in price from 80 centimos to 1.75 Euros

We had many.

Many x 2.

Small place, small window

The Taberna is small and their kitchen is actually next door in a separate building. Spanish building codes would only allow the owners to build this small window between the two buildings.

Thus, food orders go back and forth through this window constantly.

Now I had been to the Taberna on two occasions at night when it is always a wall-to-wall people affair. At lunch today, we were the only two customers and got some personal attention from the owner/bartender.

 Two Reclutas
Deep Fried Heaven on Earth! 

After a long, slow, delicious repast we headed out to walk some more.

Murcia Fashion Week

Uh-Oh . . .

Laurie's Going In!
Somebody Cover Her!!!

She only bought one item so I consider it a victory.

It was 7:30 p.m., time for El Padrino

We were not disappointed as this great film easily stood the test of time.

It was a GREAT night at the movies that was enjoyed by all in attendance including Cobras Casta and Jesus who we saw afterwards.

It was a good all-around day in Murcia as usual.

Reading Is FUNdamental

This is a book that I downloaded to my iPhone to read while waiting for and/or riding on Murcia's busses and trams.

It was a good read for any coach of any sport who wants to get the maximum effort from his players.

This book deals with the late legendary, Hall-of-Fame University of Washington football coach Don James and his mental approach to the game. I learned a lot of good ideas that I have already used in preparing the Cobras for games.

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