Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Bright Barcelona Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, 21 April, 2015:

We LOVE Barcelona

We got an early start on our last day in Barcelona as our train to Murcia was scheduled to leave at 3:00 p.m. and there was still so much to see of this fun ciudad.

 Across from our hotel

This one too

We decided to meander a bit through El Raval's back streets on our way to breakfast with Juan at La Boqueria's Pinotxo Bar again.

 Nice Pharmacy Balconies

 In a secluded but public courtyard

We're going in apparently

The streets were still quiet

 I almost knocked just for the hell of it

 Still have not tried a Kronut

This is not to say that I wasn't sorely tested.

We stepped into a church


 Baptismal Fount

There is a Cult in Sacramento?

Black Madonna

Preaching with a skull as a prop

Works for me.

 I didn't know he was Catalan

 A side street leading into . . .

La Boqueria for breakfast

It always starts with a Café con Leche

Sorry, but we could not help one final tour of the market.

So good for you

 Some weird looking fruit

Retired Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Desserts abound

Always love this egg stand

We could make these at home

 Color coded empanadas

That's a long time ago

Rich Spices

The richest spice in the market


HUGE Pig's feet
now that's more like it

 Churros OOZING honey

That's good for you too, right?

Blood Oranges?

We bid a fond and sad farewell to La Boqueria as we left for the final time on this mini-vacation.

With our visual senses overloaded,
we returned to Las Ramblas

Colorful Betlem Church

Some tickets were still available
for a LOT of Eurtos

On TV later, it looked like Camp Nou was sold out. 

Spain's fabled La Crisis must be about over if people have this much disposable income.

Is he people watching on Las Ramblas?

Combo Light Pole and Water Fountain

We continued to amble up to the Plaça de Catalunya.

That is a cow, right?

 I've always liked this building

 A comedy tonight!

 Fierce Bird

We had walked a long way and it was hot, time for a beverage.

This looked like a good spot
to meet our needs

Vino tinto and a Café con Leche

You can decide who ordered what.

 The light was good at mid-day

 Spain makes fabulous meat products

I liked the black and white contrast

Columbus sweet talking Queen Isabela?

The Modernista style
Palau de la Música Catalana

It had a great ticket booth

It pleasantly attacks the eyes

Glorious Art

We headed down a small street and further into the heart of the El Born and Barri Gòtic barrios.

 A Study in Yellow

We found some modern statues that seemed out of place next to the traditional Cathedral of Barcelona.

 Apple Head

 Bad Hair Day

Flamboyant Dancer with . . .

 . . . good toe pointing technique

The Band performing by the Cathedral

 I was strong yet again

Selling Cold Cuts
since 1930

The BEST tapas bar in Barcelona
Delicious Crab Tapas

Tinto de Verano and an olive
based tapa worked for Laurie

LOTS of tapas choices on the bar
Back down Las Ramblas
to start our trip home to Murcia

We revisit the outside of a Gaudí building

That is his style

As are these rooftop sentinels

Sunlight refracting

Gaudí liked the color blue

We picked up our bags
from our hotel's storage area

An easy Metro ride from our hotel quickly got us to the Barcelona Sants Train Station.

The direct train to Murcia leaves
at 3:00 p.m. on Track 11

A pleasant train ride down
the Mediterranean Coast

We bought First Class seats with a lot more leg and hip room for the six hour and 45 minute ride South.

It was worth it!

We can't wait for our next trip to wonderful Barcelona.

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