Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Game Prep Monday

Monday, 27, April, 2015:

Most of Monday was spent looking at more video of this coming Saturday's opponents, the Las Rozas Black Demons, who hale from the greater Madrid megalopolis.

Saturday's game is a Wild Card game between the Impar Conference's #3 team, the 3-5 Black Demons, and the Par Conference's #2 team, the 4-4 Murcia Cobras.

The winner of this game will travel in two weeks to play the Impar Conference's #1 team, the 8-0 Barberà Rookies who have a bye this week.

Thus, today's video work centered on determining the Black Demons' strengths and tendencies, plus coming up with a much better game plan than what I prepared for in our last game against the Barcelona Búfals.

In the late afternoon, Laurie coerced me into visiting the new frozen yogurt store that just opened about a three minute walk from La Hacienda.

The tiramisu yogurt was muy bueno, acho!

It was a sunny day in the barrio

In an effort to change things up and to practice on better fields, our practices this week have been moved to new venues.

Thanks to the efforts of strong team supporters Jesus and Elvi, we were able to secure a natural turf field near their hometown of Orihuela.

I think that they call
this green stuff GRASS!

 SI, it was indeed grass,
España . . . WHAT A COUNTRY!

This field was located about a 30 minute drive from the University of Murcia where we met to carpool to this marvelous site.

We got onto a backroad on the way with potholes big enough to have stalled Franco's Tank Corps for weeks in any Huertan Campaign he may have planned back in '38.

We had a good turnout at a very spirited practice. Just what a coach wants leading into the playoffs.

We will be back at this practice site on Wednesday night and hope that we can repeat the effort.

Go Cobras GO!!!

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