Friday, April 24, 2015

Sleepy Thursday

Thursday, 23 April 2015:

First, and maybe foremost,

ST. GEORGE!!!      

About once every six months my body just shuts down.

Today was that day but not until the afternoon.

We started at a relatively early hour with the first stop being the Biblioteca Regional for some new DVDs to watch in the comfort of La Hacienda.

After finding four good DVDs, including two early Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, we opted to walk into la ciudad's historic center for lunch at one of our favorite spots, Los Zagales.


We stumbled across this stadium which is one of the venue possibilities for our Wild Card game next weekend.

Artificial Turf

This would be a perfect, downtown venue. I hope we can close the deal!

 A Flea Market

It was right next to the Barnes stadium and, amazingly, Laurie did not buy anything.

My vest concepts has become a 
big hit with the Murcian fashionistas
Paparajotes at Los Zagales

Another great meal served by our same friendly, energetic waitress. We ordered two paparajotes for dessert, she brought us four.

Once again with the Frequent Diner Program, YAHOO!!!!!

 Santiago Matamoros

After lunch, we entered a religious bookstore next to the Cathedral. In it we found this statue for sale of St. James the Moor Slayer.

Not the most PC trinket we've seen in Spain, especially when you consider that Murcia is holding a Three Cultures (Chirstian, Jewish and Islamic) Festival next month to try to foster understanding and tolerance.

It was HOT today

Tinto de Verano is the perfect heat beating beverage as temperatures soared into the mid-80s.

Unfortunately, the combination of heat, a big lunch and Tinto de Verano knocked me out for the rest of the day as I mentioned at the top of this post.

All in all, yet another good day Murcia!

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