Saturday, April 11, 2015

Junior Game at Ceghegin

Saturday, 11 April, 2015:

The last game of the 2014-15 Junior season was an early morning road trip to Cehegin to play the Wolves again.

One of our players did not show up at the rendezvous point in Murcia which in and of itself was not a major problem.

The fact that his parents were going to drive our players to the game and that the family in question was no shows was a huge problem as without them we would not be able to field a team for the contest.

A phone call to Senior team Right Tackle Tomás saved the day as he drives a van that did the trick.  

Juniors play Nine-Man football

Junior team warm-up drill

#7 is our QB Tommie who would
have a great day

Locker Room at Halftime

Other than the coaches deciding when to punt or try for a field goal, we let the kids call their own offense and defense today as an experiment.

 The sidelines were empty

That is because we only had the minimum nine players dressed out as did the Wolves.

Iron Man football at its finest!

After a scoreless First Quarter, QB Tommie found WR Alberto Onofre Talavera open on a go route and hit him in stride for a marvelous 80 yard TD. Javier kicked the PAT and the Cobra Juniors led 7-0.

The Wolves best player, RB Hugh, responded with a 75 yard TD run but the Cehegin PAT was no good and the Cobras led 7-6 at the end of the rain soaked half.

 Tommie scrambling

The only score of the Third Quarter was Cobra SS Jorge the Gitano tackling RB Hugh in the Wolves' end zone for a safety. That score made it 9-6 Cobras going into the final stanza.

Javier attempting a field goal

The Cobras broke the game wide open in the Fourth Quarter as SS Jorge, also playing TE, caught an 11 yard TD pass from Tommie and Javier's PAT was good again to make it 16-6 Murcia.

DE Tony was then able to knock the ball out of now QB Hugh's hands and it rolled out of the end zone for a second Murcia safety. The Cobras were cruising, ahead 18-6 now.

To end the scoring, QB Tommie again found TE Jorge open for a 70 yard TD pass and run. Javier's PAT was true and the final score of the game would be Murcia 25 - Cehegin 6.

GREAT day for Cobra QB Tommie

He threw the ball well all game long and scrambled to keep plays alive and pick up some key first downs along the way.

Given the wet conditions, his three TD passes which alone covered 161 yards were remarkable.

It was a great effort by all nine of our brave, stout Cobras today who finish their season with a solid 4-1 record good for second place behind the powerhouse Mallorca Voltors.

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