Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easy Monday in Murcia

Monday, 13 April, 2015:

What a great night's sleep after riding on the bus for Sunday's game for a total of 12 hours and 15 minutes round trip!

The morning was dedicated to doing lots of laundry and restocking La Hacienda's stores.

Shouldn't Citroën's Picasso model
look a lot less conventional?

I had gotten spoiled after the last four home games. Tomás, our Right Tackle and man in charge of Video Productions, would download our game tapes onto my USB drive immediately after the game for me to start breaking down as soon as I got home.

By Spanish Federation rule, the home team must upload a complete game tape to the Federation's website for all team's in Spain to access by no later than midnight Monday after the game.

Thus Monday has been a busy video breakdown day for me the last four post home game Mondays.

The Imperials did not start uploading our game videos until about 11:00 p.m. Monday night so there was only one thing to do . . .

I started breaking down the last two game videos of this coming Sunday's opponents, the 2-5 Barcelona Búfals.

We will need to stay extremely focused in this rematch against a team that we only beat 20-13 in Murcia four games ago.

It has been my custom in EuroBall to give the team a day off on the Monday night following a game. 

I do this to give them time to heal a bit from Sunday's bumps and bruises. I also do this because when we do schedule a practice the day after a game, the attendance is usually very poor because of Sunday's bumps and bruises.

After the game on Sunday, Soto, the Cobras Team President/Left Tackle/Defensive Tackle, suggested that even though we were not going to have an official practice that we still meet at the Guadalupe AstroDirt field to stretch, loosen up and play some flag football.

Thirteen Senior players and one Junior player suited out and two more Seniors were in attendance as non-suits.

Five-on-Five Flag Mania

Roberto moving to TE

The AstroDirt was PERFECT!!!

If Soto's goal was to loosen up and have some fun then,

It was a good Monday.

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