Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Game Day Preparations

Wednesday, 29 April, 2015:

The preparation for our Serie B Wild Card playoff game against the 3-5 Las Rozas Black Demons continued today on three fronts.

Of course, there was more video study of their games and we had practice in the evening, but first up was a trip to the Makro.

The Makro is a Costco-like store that Roberto uses to buy all of the necessary items for his wife Imma to run our snack shack at the game.

Laurie and I went with him to help carry the goods and to buy a few articles for use at La Hacienda.

Sweet ride in the Makro parking lot

Goleta wine a California memory

For my Spanish friends, Goleta is a city about one hour north of our home in California.

Makro sells Cuban beers

Tempting, but we passed.

And Russian beer to it seems


Steven Stroh was a good lineman
for us at Rio Mesa H.S.

The contents of this bottle is 160 proof!!!

We passed.

Cidra from Asturias

We were all in on this.

Laurie next to Jamon Iberico
Each weighs about 8.5 to 9 kilos

After taxes, 429 Euros for
8.5 to 9 kilos of the delicious ham

We definitely passed.

Traditional Spanish Men's

Roberto says that people in Spain say that it smells like their grandfathers because it was THE aftershave in España back in the day.

Roberto opened a bottle and gave me a whiff.

Roberto was correct, it smelled exactly like my Spanish grandfather Evaristo!

As at Costco, at the Makro you go find discarded shipping boxes to pack your purchases for the trip home.

I found these two for our new foodstuffs

Good times although we didn't buy any Havana Club.

At about 1:30 p.m., the plumber called my cell phone asking when we would be home to work on our broken toilet. He was incredulous when I told him that I had cancelled his visit via a phone call to his secretary at 5:00 p.m. yesterday.

Practice tonight was again held at a good natural grass surface near Orihuela about a 20-30 minute drive from Murcia.

 Two of our most senior Seniors

RT Tomás, left, and DE/LB/FS Brady, right, are seen here talking over tonight's practice plan. 

Tomás, 38 years old, is our oldest Cobra. Brady is our fourth oldest player, checking in at a beatific 33 years of age.

Kids warming up

DT/OG/K Alberto, left, is 20 years old and OG Fernando, right, is  only 18 and played on this season's Spanish National Junior that played a game against their Italian counterp[arts a few weeks ago.

More Cobras arriving


We had our second good practice of the week with energies still running high.

Saturday's Game Day weather prediction is a simple one . . . 


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