Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Video Breakdowns and a GREAT lunch!

Tuesday, 14 April, 2015:

The morning was spent breaking down the video of last Sunday's game against the Reus Imperials.

We still have a long way to go offensively but we should be getting a few players back this week that did not make the trip to Reus so that should help.

Our Kicking Game, which has been our strength all season, was sorely beaten by the Imperials. Two huge Imperials' punt returns really hurt us. We must get back to basics in this phase of the game this week.

Defensively, minus two plays in the first five minutes of the game, I thought that we played well.

Our discipline was a big factor in staying in the game as we were not penalized even once in the contest. By comparison, Reus was flagged 11 times for 80 yards.

At about 1:00 p.m., we decided that sustenance was sorely needed and that we just had to walk into el centro de la ciudad in order to find a solid meal and bolster the Murcian economy.

Along the way we saw a lot of interesting art on walls and roll down window/door shutters.

Nice Wheels

Perro Azul Bar

Same Bar

We're having a Grand Daughter!

Old School Wheels

The Name of the Rose

"The road is never long if it
leads you to a friend's home"

Ben Todd/Brian FitzGerald art

I almost turned into this "street"

Let's refocus -- we still need to find a good spot for some tipico comida Murciana!

This place looked good . . .

. . . REALLY good!

They had small eggs and . . .

. . . HUGE ones too!

Instead we opted for Fraskito

Roberto and Imma had spoken highly of this little place on one of Murcia's back alleys, so we opted to give it a try.

OH MY!!!

The albondigas (meat balls) and the deep fried bacalao (cod) were amazing! We shared dishes and were satisfied that we made a good choice thanks to our friends' recommendations.

After our sumptuous repast more walking was needed to work off this filling meal.

Ornate Doors

Relief near the Cathedral

Interesting Tableau

Long Arms

Our favorite Murcian street musician

We stopped for another glass of vino tinto at another sidewalk café, this time on the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga.

Here is a sample of his work

The Palacio Episcopal
across from our wine stop

Mercury Stylin'

Colorful tiles are a good touch

As is a solid set of doors

Nice church plaza

Laurie liked this windowed porch

 I liked this building crest

If only we were still hungry

Who does not love a toucan

Father Fidelis?

The Monastery was open again

Actually we saw the Nun
face to face today

It was through an ancient wrought iron window screen but she was pleasant.

A bag of cookies made by the Nuns

After tasting them, there was only one thing to say . . .


Our final purchase of the day

When we go home to California, we now have a recipe book full of our Murcian favorites.

Translating will be required.

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