Monday, April 27, 2015

Cobras Team Building BBQ

Sunday, April 26, 2015:

Cobras' stellar QB Angel Clemente had a great idea for this weekend before the start of the 2015 Serie B playoffs, a team building/re-affirmation get together of the Cobras.

All agreed that food should be
a central part of the gathering

Well, actually, at least I thought it should be.

Angel most heartily agreed.

But where to hold such a gathering for the entire Cobras Nation?

 A spot out in the mountains of
Murcia would be perfect

But where exactly?

 Of course!

The Clemente family's ancestral country home on land co-owned by Angel's family and his uncles and their families.

One of the Angel and Jesus' uncles homes
as you enter the Finca Los Clementes
The spread grew as the day progressed

Make your own Marineras

 One of about 20 Marineras
that Laurie and I shared

DAMN they were good!!!

 Angel and Jesus' Dad, Jesus

The hardest working man in the Spanish BBQ business.

The food just kept on coming
and it was all GREAT!!!

Jesus, Jesus, me, Oscar, Angel and
"El Pulpero"

El Pulpero is Jesus and Angel's uncle on his Mother's side and is famous for the way he lovingly prepares pulp, but that is for another time.

We had a lot of laughs around the BBQ pit on this fine day.

Me, Rosa and Oscar

Mi familia Murciana menos Tala.

Casta, Mariano and a former Cobra

I did not catch his name but he promised to be at the Wild Card Playoff game next Saturday.

 WR Esteve and OL Kike

Showing the love, Cobra style.

 RT Tomás

GREAT, hard working guy.

RB Omar and DE Angel Bejerano

Omar worries me a bit at times.

 Christina and Alejandro Sotomayor

Soto is the Cobras LT, DE and passionate President of the team.

 Rafa on the left with his mujer

On the right is another former Cobra and his mujer, again names unknown, who will all be at the game next Saturday.

 Micas and Jesus

Good people. How I wish that they were both still playing.

 Manu, Angel, Kiki and Kiki's brother

You know, you can have a lot of fun on a Sunday afternoon with these guys.

Kiki's Dad, Jesus and me

 Jesus and George

Of course, these are assumed names as we are both wanted by Interpol.

 Onions for another day

 Catalina and Laurie

Catalina's motto: "Have Camera, Will Travel"

Near Finca Los Clementes

Laurie, Incarna, me and Jesus

Angel and Jesus' parents are simply wonderful people and great hosts.

1-2-3 COBRAS!!!

Once back at La Hacienda,
we saw this gigantic rainbow

When our season is over and we return to California, this day will be one of the highlights of our wonderful time spent in Murcia with our beloved Cobras.

Reading Is FUNdamental

A great read, but I think that Grisham should really stick with his sport related books like Playing for Pizza and Bleachers.

I doubt that his books about law cases will ever draw much attention.

I could be wrong.

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