Friday, April 3, 2015

Final Day in Alicante

Thursday, 2 April, 2015:

The last day of our Alicante mini-vacation saw another dazzling sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea that gave everything it touched a glow of it's own.

This tile roof welcomed the day

As did this blue edifice

Both of these buildings are seen from our B&B's penthouse area breakfast nook.

The Basilica de Santa Maria also
doubles as a Segway Training Facility

A Segway rental store is located just across the way from the Basilica's small plaza.

The Basilica de Santa Maria also
triples as the starting point of the
Camino de Santiago's
Mediterranean Southeast Route

The entrance to the Local Police's Station

I like this blue sun

Candle wax droppings were all over
last night's Procesión route

Mementoes from Alicante's annual
Fiesta de Sant Joan

Including GIANT effigies

and smaller funny ones

Fantasy effigy

A Peña is a social group . . .
of Gorillas?

1942 Fiesta Banner

Alicante is a seaside town afternoon

Scary effigy

Kitschy Romantic effigies

Occult effigy

Where do writers get their ideas?

Nothing a few workouts
at the gym couldn't fix

The devil you say!

A fawn effigy

It IS Semana Santa isn't it?

Christ and some local ladies

Alice in Wonderful street

A dangerous mushroom

Colorful hop-scotch game

One BIG bug

Handsome profile

Small mushroom house

An artsy plaque

Ben Todd inspired?

Brian FitzGerald inspired?

A refreshing fountain

Major European cities are a delight because they are dotted with small parks and fountains like this one to beat the Summer heat.

A vine filled tree,
a Banyon tree I think

Café anyone?

Alphonse Mucha inspired art deco

The trek back to our B&B after
some shopping before coming home

Another glorious obelisk/fountain

Interesting Architecture

At Alicante's railway station
Laurie high-fived the Cruzcampo
man as we left for Murcia

We thoroughly enjoyed our three days in Alicante and look forward to returning again before coming home to California.

When we arrived in Murcia at about 2:30 p.m. after another smooth train ride, we found our home city completely dead.

As it turns out, Murcia shuts down at 2:00 p.m. on Holy Thursday and is also closed for business all day on Good Friday.

The solitude was oddly nice.

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