Sunday, March 1, 2015

Barcelona Búfals Game

Sunday, 1 March, 2015:

Last weekend there were no games played in Spain's Serie B League of American Football. 

Today the eight of the ten teams in Serie B were back at it.

It was a hot day in Murcia with temperatures well into the 80s.

Second Place Par Conference
W Barcelona 14 - Zaragoza 8
L Reus 42 - Barcelona 0
W Barcelona 14 - Santurtzi 0


Fourth Place Par Conference
L Santurtzi 14 - Murcia 7
Murcia 15 - Zaragoza 0
L Reus 34 - Murcia 14

The Santurtzi Coyotes had the Par Conference bye this week having already finished the first round of Conference play with a 2-2 record.

A Cobra win would create a three way tie for second place between the Cobras, Coyotes and Búfals, all at 2-2.

The Conference leading Reus Imperials were 3-0 going into their game today at home against the 0-3 Zaragoza Hornets.

After this week, we will play all four Par Conference teams one more time.

GRACIAS to Oscar Constante for all of these great game day photos!

The Game Field was PRISTINE!!!

Largo was ready to tee it up

He made a lot of Big Plays today!

Here Come the Cobras!!!

Hats Up!!!

Just remember,
the end zone is THAT-A-WAY!!!


BÚFALS BALL: Alberto got things going for the Cobras by kicking the ball out of the end zone to start the game. Three and Out, Punt #1. YAHOO!

COBRAS BALL: We put together perhaps our best drive of the season with a good mix of runs and passes. Bryan did the honors with a five yard scamper up the middle on a trap for the game's first score. Alberto was good on his PAT kick and the Cobras had the early lead 7-0.

BÚFALS BALL: Another Alberto touchback on the kickoff was followed by Alberto, who also plays DT, sacking the Búfals QB on their fourth down play.

COBRAS BALL: We moved the ball again but turned it over on downs.

BÚFALS BALL: Three and Out, Punt #2. YAHOO!!

COBRAS BALL: Murcia had the ball as the First Quarter came to an end with the score Murcia 7 - Barcelona 0.

Esteve Flying

Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust

Bryan Scoring a TD

Looking a bit hawkish


MURCIA BALL: The Cobras punted and the first Big Play of the Kicking Game came when the Búfals punt returner muffed the ball and Murcia's Mini-Q pounced on the ball deep in Barcelona territory to continue the drive. Our QB, Angel Clemente, yes we have a few players with last names, scored the games second TD on a four yard run. Alberto was good with his PAT and it was now Murcia 14 - Barcelona 0.

BARCELONA BALL: Alberto kicked another ball into the end zone to start things right again for the defense but a 40 yard pass play set up a 2 yard TD run by the Búfals. The PAT was blocked and the Cobras still led 14-6.

MURCIA BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

BARCELONA BALL: Three and Out, Punt #3 thanks to a huge, physical sack on third down by blitzing LB Jorge. YAHOO!!! But it got much better when Alberto blocked the Búfals punt and Largo scooped and scored it from 20 yards out! Alberto's PAT was wide left but the Cobras led 20-6.

BARCELONA BALL: Alberto kicks off his fourth touchback  of the game. The Búfals are forced to punt but one of our DTs lined up offsides giving Barcelona a key first down. That is followed by a late hit on their QB to set up a 20 yard TD pass by the Búfals. Their PAT was good and the Cobras lead was cut to 20-13.

MURCIA BALL: The Cobras fumbled the ball away deep in our own territory on third down, our first turnover of the season.

BARCELONA BALL: Largo intercepts a Barcelona pass in the end zone but one of our DBs is called for pass interference. Not to worry, Largo intercepts the ball again at the one yard line and returns it 80 yards before being dragged down.

MURCIA BALL: We throw an interception as time is running out on the First Half.

BARCELONA BALL: The Búfals tried a desperation double pass but we played it well as they picked up a few meaningless yards as the First Half came to an end with the score Murcia 20 - Barcelona 14.


Pablo Serrano Punt Return

Monsanto AstroDirt Fields
are State-of-the-Art

Celebrating Largo's
80 yard interception return

Or maybe just a Republican salute from the Spanish Civil War Days . . .

This Búfals WR was tough all day long!

COBRAS BALL: A good drive was stymied by a fourth down holding call that led to a field goal attempt that was off the mark.

BÚFALS BALL: A big stop by the Cobras on fourth down, the defense's second of the day gave the Cobras solid field position.

MURCIA BALL: We were stopped on fourth down as well.

BÚFALS BALL: Barcelona is driving as the Third Quarter comes to a scoreless end. The score is still Murcia 20 - Barcelona 13.

Bryan with a catch

Mini-Q with tenacious coverage

Largo giving Mini-Q five for his efforts


BARCELONA BALL: The Búfals continued their Third Quarter ending drive but Kiki was able to intercept a Búfals pass thanks to a great hit on their QB by Alberto as he was releasing the ball.

MURCIA BALL: Angel found Largo open on a big third down pass that covered 40 yards to keep the drive alive and secure excellent field position for the rest of the game. The Cobras would eventually turn the ball over on downs.

BARCELONA BALL: Largo comes up big again at his FS spot, breaking up a Búfals fourth down pass attempt. This was fourth down stop number three of the game for our defense!

MURCIA BALL: We go for it on fourth down at about the ten yard line but don't make it as we are at about the one minute mark.

BARCELONA BALL: Jorge and Brady come up with a vicious fourth down QB sack to put an exclamation point on the game!

MURCIA BALL: The best play in American football, Victory Kneel Down, gives the Cobras their second win of the season and the three way tie for second place in the Impar Conference that we were hoping to earn today.

 I don't believe #4 caught this one

Alberto on a PAT attempt

These last two artsy photos are courtesy of Catalina Saavedra.

The Game Ending Sack
by Jorge and Brady

Largo won the Game Hammer

Alberto made a lot of plays and probably deserved one too.

Holding the Cobras youngest
dues paying Socio,
Jesús Javier Fernández Cerezo

Largo got to hold Jesús too

To sum up the day's efforts, we played great, opportunistic, physical Defense. We also made some big plays in the Kicking Game. Our Offense should great improvement today but we need to finish drives to be a contender down the stretch.


More days . . .


David said...

What is that green stuff marring the edges of that otherwise pristine AstroDirt field?
Also, congratulations: You appear to have succeeded in finding a kicker who can actually kick, which I believe is a first in your EuroCareer.

George said...


You are right we have a great kicker and a great punter on the Cobras, two different players even.