Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Lazy Sunday for a Run

Sunday, Ides of March, 2015:

With Laurie still needing one more day to get over her jet lag issues, we opted to continue showing her more of Murcia, her new hometown.

City of Murcia
Half Marathon XXXVI 

We had completely forgotten about this event and how it might affect our plans.

It was also somewhat ironic as today our younger son Michael was running in the 30th Annual Los Angeles Marathon prompting our needed return to La Hacienda in order to track his progress throughout his ordeal.

There were lots of runners
in Murcia on this cool morning

About 6 Km. more to the finish line

A Brigade running with an axe

Military based we thought, they were both spirited and a bit intimidating to the other runners.

See what I mean with their chanting

I wonder if Mike will be wielding
a pole axe in his Marathon today?

One final look at one of the Brigades

Continuing on our way towards the Cathedral . . .

Little boys and pigeons,
a Sunday staple

As are Laurie and shoe stores

El Rastro

On Sunday mornings on the banks of the Rio Segura, Murcia holds a Flea Market.

That's all that Laurie needed to know.

I must admit that there were some things of interest amongst the vast array of junk.

Jesus and Lenin

I could use a nice cannon

An artist selling his treasures

Four amber liqueur glasses

She bought them for ten Euros total which after some comparison price shopping at other stalls was a good deal for this set.

A Husky fan's bike?

We continued to roam after leaving El Rastro having only made the one purchase. I considered it a victory.

Laurie loves horses,
where the heck is  Torre Pacheco?

Sailor Suits are big

I'm getting hungry

Plaza Santa Catalina was crowded
so . . .

Meat pastry at Zaher!

Green Religious Group and a

Red Religious Group

We are getting closer and closer to Semana Santa Madness in España!

The Reds in Action

Hail Caesar on the Ides of March

I would look good
as a Purple Penitent

I could wear it to Husky games too don't you think?

The matching sox are a must!

Laurie needs a new
comb for her mantilla

Thank goodness most stores were closed today!

Meanwhile, we returned to La Hacienda in plenty of time to track Mike's progress in the L.A. Marathon from start to finish. Here are his results:

We were both really happy for Mike as he improved his time by 25 minutes and 27 seconds from his effort in last year's race. The 2014 L.A. Marathon was the first one that he ever attempted.

I think that he may be a bit tired for his teaching duties Monday morning.

Congratulations Michael!!!

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