Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rainy Stay at Home Monday and More Football Pictures

Monday, 23 March, 2015:

Not much to report today as the continued rains in the Murcia region kept us indoors for most of the day.

The Junior practice was cancelled at the last minute by the rain as the practice facility in Guadalupe would not allow us on their AstroDirt surface in fear of our damaging the mud.

We spent the day like an old married couple, reading, watching a movie and simply enjoying each other's company as I took a mental break day from Cobras football.

I say that while having watched the winning TD pass about 25 times on a Facebook clip that I wish I could pass on to you but can't. It is definitely in the Top Five plays of my entire 50 season coaching career.

"Clemente to Serrano" may actually be at the very top of that list.

This means that Tuesday will have to be an all-day Cobras video fest as I break down both our game with Santurtzi and several recent videos of next Sunday's opponent at home, the dangerous and improving Zaragoza Hornets.

So what is happening in La Hacienda since Laurie's arrival you ask?

Lots of new decorations

A woman's touch for sure

A home cooked Turkey Chuleta meal

Our apartment, La Hacienda, is wonderful but a bit small at just under 17,550 square feet of space and by the evening we were going a bit stir crazy, so about two hours after dinner we decided to go for a walk into la ciudad since the rain had stopped.

The rain started again

The heavens opened again with a strong rain driving us into the shelter of Spain's #1 department store.

With Laurie at my side I had to wonder if the shopping gods were in cahoots with the local rain god.

Somehow we bought nothing there but did purchase three great cheeses from La Lechera de Burdeos just a few blocks away.

After a small tapas run and an adult beverage at Los Zagales, we only had to wait two minutes before boarding the R20 bus that dropped us off only 40 meters from La Hacienda's doorstep safe and much drier than if we had walked home.

Finally, I am passing on more photos from Sunday's game against the Coyotes that our Cobra Team Photographers and the Coyotes' Team Photographer, Fran Nortes Parra, posted on the internet since our post about the game.

Keep your eyes up when tackling

Just before Alberto recovered
the Coyotes' fumble for a TD

Rufete's first interception

QB Angel Clemente busting loose

"Ain't too proud to beg . . ."

Pablo Serrano's first . . .

. . . of two TD grabs

Pablo and Tanke celebrating Pablo's TD

I hope.

Pablo Serrano

Number 45 in your program but number 1 in my heart on this Sunday to be sure!

With that hair, I wonder if our grandson Jacob will look like him in 20 years?



Coyote Ninja?

Nice hole for Omar
Roberto with a Dying Cockroach


Friendly Competition

Angel delivering a blow

Laurie: "What the heck were you
thinking on that call?!?!?"

Laurie with Catalina and Oscar
our two great Cobra Team Photographers

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