Saturday, March 28, 2015

Warm, Paranoid Murcia

Friday, 27 March, 2015:

A warm, sunny day in Murcia as the rain clouds disappeared having been replaced by 80 degree weather!

It was a great day to be outdoors but we were inside La Hacienda for most of it for two reasons.

First, we had three loads of laundry to do and each load takes about 90 minutes for our servants to hand wash our clothes down by the banks of the Rio Segura.

Reason #2, obsession with the
1-4 Zaragoza Hornets

I watched a lot more game tapes of the Hornets today who we play on Sunday. The more I see of them, the more I worry.

What I keep seeing is a Hornets team that continues to play with lots of enthusiasm and effort despite their record. Two games ago they gave the Par Conference leading, 6-0 Reus Imperials their closest game of the season. They won their first game of the season against the Barcelona Búfals in their last outing. They play solid defense and, if they find a way to overcome their Red Zone offensive issues this week, they would become doubly dangerous.

A Trap Game for sure for the mighty Cobras with a trip to Reus up next in two weeks.

I did finally get out of La Hacienda late in the afternoon for a trip to the Biblioteca Regional to trade in some DVDs.

Local Anarchists and Communists
stand united on this issue

 Sergeant Peppers Tapas Bar

It is DEFINITELY Bullfight Season

And for those of you against
La Fiesta Brava . . .

Eleven Juniors made it to tonight's practice and they did well.

We had great attendance at the Senior practice, as well, and the Cobras were focused tonight thus easing an old coach's anxiety levels.
 Still . . .


Holy Week is an extremely big thing in Spain and Murcia is more than happy to join into the festivities!

The Penitent Processions throughout La Ciudad began today, El Viernes de Dolores, and will continue daily through Easter Sunday.

We have never seen one of these processions live as of yet, but if these photos from the net of last year's Semana Santa in Murcia is any indication, it should make for some memorable photos.

 The Reds by the Cathedral

Nice Horns

The Purples have them too

Men's socks tie the whole outfit together

Tote that religious barge
The Reds by Iglesia de la Virgen del Carmen

I LOVE this country!!!

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