Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Video Review Monday

Monday, 9 March, 2015:

Laurie's arrival in España is getting closer by the moment and I still have things to do in preparation for her moving into La Hacienda including massive cleaning of our palatial home in the next few days.

Keys to the Kingdom

Laurie needs to have all of the necessary keys for full access to La Hacienda's many wonders. Our neighborhood ferreteria was just the place to have a duplicator set of keys made.

The ferreteria kind of reminded me of
Laurie's beloved Montrose Hardware Store

My Main Man

Alberto Onofre Talavera is our Junior team's QB, WR and/or FS as needed. He makes every Junior team practice both interesting and somewhat of an adventure.

This photo was taken by his mother Rosa last Saturday when I joined the two of them and Rosa's husband Oscar for lunch.

I saw this Cobras Recruiting Poster
today for the first time

Maybe we should do another recruiting drive for this last half of the regular season to improve our depth.

Junior's warming up

 On your marks, get set . . .


Juniors Angle Tackling

The numbers were not great at either the Junior or the Senior practices tonight but the effort and spirit ran high at both.

Santurtzi Coyotes (2-3) are up next

The Seniors have a key game on Sunday, March 22nd at home against the Coyotes. The Coyotes beat our Cobras 14-7 in our season opener in Santurtzi back on January 25th.

A lot of today was spent pouring over Coyotes game tapes.

 More days . . .

. . . until I take her out for
dinner in Madrid and maybe
some churros and chocolate

Did I just write maybe?



David said...

Wow, Spain has stores that sell ferrets?

George said...

Don't most civilized countries?