Monday, March 30, 2015

SEMANA SANTA: Domingo de Ramos

Sunday, 29 March, 2015:

After the Zaragoza Hornets game this morning we took a short break back at La Hacienda. Laurie was suffering from a bit too much time in the sun while I was in full you only live once mode.

While watching a little Spanish TV, I heard a commentator say that " Spanish culture is based on three things . . . Bullfighting, Siesta and Semana Santa."

Thus I opted to head out solo to take in another . . .

Semana Santa Procesión

It would start at 6:00 p.m.
at the Iglesia de San Pedro

Tonight's Procesión was brought to us courtesy of Pontifica, Real y Venerable Cofradía del Santísimo Cristo de la Esperanza, María Santísima de los Dolores y del Santo Celo por la Salvación de las Almas better known as . . .

. . . The Greens

No hurry

The Procesión route was set to cover 1,773 meters of the old city's streets. The Procesión would slowly cover the distance in three hours and 45 minutes. Although, if you sat or stood in the same place throughout the Procesión route, all of the Greens, their bands and the huge eight Pasos that they carry would pass by you in only 105 minutes.

 I need help

Me too

One last smoke before the Procesión

By the way, he is not overweight. His cloak is packed with goodies to give out to the children along the Procesión's route.

Good looking ladies seemed to be given a lot of caramelos (candies) by the Penitent men too.

Zaher waiter ready to strike

I think that he was already fed up after only three days of Semana Santa revelry.

 Band Prep

 Queueing Up

Like their crest

 The first Paso should come
out soon

The kids were ready

Great look

Different look

 Happy to get started

 This Paso is . . .

 . . . HUGE!!!

Let the Procesión begin!

 Leading the Procesión but only
in an unofficial capacity

 I had moved about four blocks up
the Procesión's route for a better view

The Grand Master

The Band looks fired up

Great lamp

 The Crucifix was a good touch

Very nice up close

The Procesión continues

 A Nazarene

These Penitents in the hooded outfits are known as Nazarenes.

Pageantry abounds

A hot day and even hotter
inside these outfits I suspect

Going barefoot just adds to the
Penitent/Nazarene experience

 Cool Shades!

The Greens start recruiting from
the cradle I suspect

 Sorrowful eyes

"Pssst, Can I tell you a secret?"

Caramelos for the kids!

They gave away small toys too.

Kids scoring caramelos

 The first of the eight Pasos arrives

Caramelos for the kids

Moving on . . .

 Controlling the Paso's movement

"Anybody getting tired?"

 Caramelo chica?

 I don't think that he
is packing any caramels

 Looking official

Green Pride

Penetrating eyes

 Different hues

Lots of caramels . . .
I hope!

The second Paso arrives

It's the Forgiving of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is . . .

. . . LOVELY!

 The Departure Part I

The Departure Part II 

"We have to walk

Greeting the crowd

 "Hey wait,no, those are MY favorites!"

 The Third Paso
Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Appropriate I thought being that it was Palm Sunday.

Kevin and Jacob,
this could be YOU!

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Catalina Gracia Saavedra said...

Hola George,qué tal.
Aquí le dejo un enlace a un blog sobre nuestra Semana Santa
Con todo sobre ella,le gustará .
Saludos,nos vemos pronto.