Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cobra Juniors vs. Cehegin Wolves and Serie B Updates

Sunday, 8 March, 2015:


Our Cobras' Junior Team had a game today at home at 11:00 a.m. against the Cehegin Wolves.

We were all ready to go when we noticed the Head Referee leaving the field.

When asked if something was wrong, his response was a simple, "Si, I have to make a phone call." 

They didn't bring their WHAT?

Before every game, each team has to give a roster to the opposing coach and the referees of the players suiting out that day to compare against their national ID cards.

The roster lists names, dates of birth and, most importantly, their official American football license number as provided by FEFA, Spain's governing body over all things pertaining to American football on their part of the Iberian peninsula.

The problem was that the Cehegin coach failed to bring his rosters to the game.

After conferring with officials higher up the line by phone about the situation, the Head Referee returned to the field with FEFA's ruling.

The game was called but the refs would stay after changing into street clothes to unofficially officiate over a scrimmage.

Welcome to the Dust Bowl

Cobras Defense Swarming

 Tala rolling out to throw

How did that water get on our field?

Javi had a great game for us
and scored both Murcia TDs

We lost the scrimmage 13-12 in no small part due to our turnovers and an incredible amount of justified penalties.

All in all, a disappointing day

As for the Cobras' Senior Team, we had the conference bye this weekend while all of our Par Conference opponents played. The 10-0 upset of the Barcelona Búfals by the Zaragoza Hornets was HUGE!

Next weekend, there are no games scheduled in Serie B.


Week #6 Results:
Zaragoza Hornets 10 - Barcelona 0
Reus 19 - Santurtzi 0
BYE: Murcia

Par Conference Standings:
Reus Imperials 5-0
Murcia Cobras 2-2
Barcelona Búfals 2-3
Santurtzi Coyotes 2-3
Zaragoza Hornets 1-4

Week #7 Schedule:
Sunday, March 22, 2015
Santurtzi (2-3) at Murcia (2-2)
Reus (5-0) at Barcelona (2-3)
BYE: Zaragoza Hornets (1-4)

Week #6 Results:
Barberá 30 - Las Rozas 0
Coslada 39 - Zaragoza Hurricanes 0
BYE: Granada

Impar Conference Standings:
Barberá Rookies 5-0
Coslada Camioneros 3-2
Granada Lions 2-2
Zaragoza Hurricanes 1-4
Las Rozas Black Demons 1-4

Week #7 Schedule:
Sunday, March 22, 2015
Coslada (3-2) at Las Rozas (1-4)
Zaragoza Hurricanes (1-4) at Granada (2-2)
BYE: Barberá (5-0)

 More days . . .

. . . until we widen our touring vistas

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