Tuesday, March 10, 2015

House Cleaning Tuesday

Tuesday, 10 March, 2015:

 Another nice day in España

Although I only saw about half of it.

The day started at 4:30 a.m. with the neighbor in the flat below me turning on his favorite TV show full blast to share his joy with all of us in the building.

That was followed by a morning of intense housecleaning as a VIP guest is due to visit La Hacienda in just a few days. This work will continue on Wednesday.

I got another invitation to eat lunch at the home of Oscar, Rosa and Alberto so at 12:30 p.m. I hopped aboard the bus to the Barrio del Carmen for yet another amazing home cooked, a.k.a. casera, meal.

On the three mile walk back to La Hacienda, I ran across . . .

 A store selling Murcian costumes
for the upcoming Spring Festival

Did I mention that all true Spaniards love a good fiesta?

I can see Laurie in this


More shoes in Laurie's future?

 Not today, saving myself for
Thursday at Madrid's
Chocolateria San Gines

Nothing like a good stogie after lunch

 Only the penitent man shall pass . . .

Mexican food in Murcia!

Today was the first time that I saw this cantina specializing in Mexican food.

I have a standard rule on Mexican food, don't order it in any restaurant north of the 45th parallel. The only exception was one that I found in Roskilde, Denmark about five years ago.

The internet says that Murcia is located at the 38th parallel, Mexican food it is then!

Across the street from the Taqueria

They have some interesting shows and groups playing here in the next few weeks.

Love pulp


We have practice at that time next Monday. Laurie will just have to go by herself I guess.

Back in La Hacienda, a nap followed by more video study of our next opponent, the Santurtzi Coyotes.

 More days . . .

. . . until she's here


David said...

Since you were so disappointed, I did a little research: You can make the short hop to Granada and see Screaming Headless Torsos tonight (Wednesday).

You're welcome.

George said...


We have practice tonight . . .