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Second Santurtzi Coyotes Game

Sunday, 22 March, 2015:

There will be two posts about today's activities, this one about our 11:00 a.m. football game and a later one about our 5:00 p.m. Corrida at Murcia's Plaza de Toros.

After two consecutive weekends without a game, it was finally Game Day for the Cobras.

Another big GRACIAS to Catalins Saavedra and Oscar Constante for their great images from today's game that you will see on this post!

Santurtzi Coyotes
Season Results (2-3)
Lost to Reus Imperials 14-28
Beat Murcia Cobras 14-7
Lost to Barcelona Búfals 0-14
Beat Zaragoza Hornets 8-0
Lost to Reus Imperials 0-19 


Murcia Cobras
Season Results (2-2)
Lost to the Santurtzi Coyotes 7-14
Beat the Zaragoza Hornets 15-0
Lost to the Reus Imperials 14-34
Beat the Barcelona Búfals 20-13

This was our first game of the final half of the regular season. The Coyotes beat us in our season opener in Bilbao 14-7 back in January, so this was an important game for us.

Long Beach?
That's where I was born

That's Micas, or as he is sometimes called Left Tackle, with the Long Beach t-shirt.

 Imma, Laurie and Elvi
at the Snack Bar

Cobras State-of-the-Art
Sideline Markers/
Seat Cushions

The BIG Hammer

The Field of Dreams was, as usual,

It had rained a lot the last two days.

Last minute Words of Wisdom

Overall, I like our refs in Spain

The game had some controversy before we even kicked off which appears to be the norm in Spain.

The kickoff was delayed for 30 minutes because we did not have the proper medical crew in attendance. While we did have an ambulance and two EMTs, we needed a third EMT present in order to be in compliance with league rules. If one could not be found within a reasonable amount of time we may have been forced to forfeit the game. Fortunately, the much needed EMT arrived at about 11:25 so we were finally set to go. This fiasco cost us, as the home team, a 15 yard penalty on the game's opening kickoff.

At this point the game was delayed another five minutes while the Coyotes' coach and team president argued with the officials about something else.

With all things set, the refs called the captains to the center of the field where the Coyotes won the coin flip and then blew their choice by opting to kick off with there being no wind issue to make such a choice justifiable. Clearly they had an error.

This mistake would eventually lead to more heated discussion before the start of the Second Half when the Coyotes' intelligentsia finally realized that they were going to have to kick off to us to start both halves.

Let's get to the game which would be a good one.


Kiki getting the KO Return team ready

RT Tomás blocking 

COBRAS BALL: Murcia put together a nice drive before turning the ball over on downs deep in Santurtzi territory.


Pile up at the LOS

COYOTES BALL: The Cobra defense really stepped up forcing a Three & Out, Punt. The Coyotes long snap sailed a bit high and the Coyotes's punter mishandled it. After a wild scramble in the end zone, DT Alberto pounced on the ball for a Cobra TD! Alberto's PAT attempt was blocked but the men from Murcia had the early lead 6-0.

 Punt Block Team

Javi tackling the punter

Alberto recovering the fumble for a TD!

COYOTES BALL: Alberto's kickoff was a touchback and a few plays later CB Rufete who was playing with a broken hand, intercepted a Coyote pass.

Stare down in the mud

The first of Rufete's two interceptions

COBRAS BALL: A sack and two penalties led to a Three & Out, Punt as the First Quarter ended with the score Murcia 6 - Santurtzi 0.

Lots of hitting was on the agenda
for both teams today


Nice diving catch by Pablo Serrano

Ruso pad under pad

SANTURTZI BALL: The Coyotes mustered a first down but would punt.


Ballet in the Secondary

MURCIA BALL: QB Angel Clemente hit WR Pablo Serrano (yes, two players with last names) on a 30 yard TD catch and run pass play that featured great broken field running by Serrano. The two point PAT play was not successful but the Cobras had upped their lead to 12-0.

 Pablo Serrano, going . . .

. . . Going . . .

. . . GONE!!!
TD Cobras

Alberto our unsung hero

It often goes unappreciated, but all of Alberto's kickoffs were good for touchbacks today which gave our defense good field position throughout the game.

SANTURTZI BALL: The Coyotes, helped by two 15 yard Cobra penalties, found the end zone with a 15 yard TD pass of their own and then scored on a two point Swinging Gate PAT attempt to close the scoring gap, Cobras 12 - Coyotes 8.

 Fernando sniffing armpits again

If you can run, you can win

MURCIA BALL: The Coyotes were fighting back and their defense came up with an interception.

A flipping good game so far

SANTURTZI BALL: The Cobra defense did their job keeping the Coyotes out of the end zone as the First Half came to a close with the score Murcia 12 - Santurtzi 8.

It was nice having Laurie
back on the sidelines


Angel Clemente

Omar running the rock

COBRAS BALL: Omar's excellent kickoff return was wasted with a Cobra Three & Out, Punt.

 Rafa Manzano
First Down Maker

Shall we dance?

COYOTES BALL: FS Largo came up with a fine interception of a Santurtzi pass to give the ball back to the Cobras.

Largo's interception return

Kiki driving to the ball

COBRAS BALL: After picking up a couple of first downs, Jorge Ortin's fine punt was downed by Mini-Q at the Coyotes' ten yard line.

Mini-Q downing a punt

 Dog Pile!

COYOTES BALL:  The Coyotes were driving as the scoreless Third Quarter came to a close with the Cobras clinging to a slim 12-8 lead.

Brady ready to rush the passer

Tomás gave a thumbs up
to the doings so far toady


Angel did some great things
with his feet today too!

Jorge Ortin Rosera
The Leader of the Defense

SANTURTZI BALL: The Coyotes continued their drive that started at the end of the Third Quarter. Our one handed CB, Rufete, did it again with his second interception of the game!

 Where did he go?

FS Largo running the Alley

MURCIA BALL: Three & Out, Punt. Damn.

Good Pursuit

SANTURTZI BALL: The Coyotes turned the ball over on downs.

MURCIA BALL: The Cobras mounted a short drive before turning the ball over on downs.

SANTURTZI BALL: The Coyotes had their best drive of the day that ended with a 25 yard TD pass and another successful two point conversion, With less than two minutes left in the contest, the Coyotes led for the first time 16-12.

What do you think that we should do now?

How about going deep to Serrano?

MURCIA BALL: On the first play of the drive, the Angel Clemente to Pablo Serrano connection struck again with a 70 yard TD bomb! Alberto's PAT kick was true and the Cobras, playing with great heart, had quickly regained the lead 19-16.

SANTURTZI BALL: Alberto's ensuing kickoff went through the end zone and the defense was ready to defend the pass. The Coyotes were stopped cold on four consecutive  non-productive downs.

Pressuring the QB

Fourth Down SACK!!!

MURCIA BALL: It was time for the best play in the American football playbook, VICTORY FORMATION, TAKE A KNEE!


Final Score
Murcia (3-2) 19 - Santurtzi (2-4) 16

It was a great come from behind victory that showed a lot about the character of our Cobras.

Rufete earned the Game Hammer
for his two interceptions

We continue to win with great Special Teams play, solid Defense and just enough big play Offense to keep us in second place in the Serie B's Par Conference for another week.
Communion of the Victory Stickers

Next up for the Cobras is our final home game of the regular season against the 1-4 Zaragoza Hornets next Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

 Traditional Cobras'
Post-Game Team Photo

American Gothic
Part II

We were able to beat the Hornets in Zaragoza in February by a tally of 15-0. The Hornets' record is deceiving as most of their losses have been close ones. They also had the Conference's bye this week so they will be well rested.


Week #7 Results:
Murcia 19 - Santurtzi 16
Reus 32 - Barcelona 0
BYE: Zaragoza Hornets

Par Conference Standings:
Reus Imperials 6-0
Murcia Cobras 3-2
Barcelona Búfals 2-4
Santurtzi Coyotes 2-4
Zaragoza Hornets 1-4

Week #8 Schedule:
Sunday, March 29, 2015
Zaragoza Hornets (1-4) at Murcia (3-2)
Barcelona (2-4) at Santurtzi (2-4)
BYE: Reus (6-0)

Week #7 Results:
Las Rozas 19 - Coslada 2
Granada 36 - Zaragoza Hurricanes 2
BYE: Barberá

Impar Conference Standings:
Barberá Rookies 5-0
Granada Lions 3-2
Coslada Camioneros 3-3
Las Rozas Black Demons 2-4
Zaragoza Hurricanes 1-5

Week #8 Schedule:
Sunday, March 22, 2015
Las Rozas (2-4) at Zaragoza Hurricanes (1-5)
Barberá (5-0) at Granada (3-2)
BYE: Coslada (3-3)

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