Sunday, March 1, 2015

Serie B Update and a Waiting/Working Monday

Monday, 2 March, 2015:

First, some more pictures of yesterday's game thanks to Catalina Gracia Saavedra.

Mini-Q recovery a muffed Búfals'
punt return which quickly led to a
Cobras TD

 Pablo Serrano's excellent punt
return was nullified by the clip
in the background

Dusty Estadio

RG Roberto Durán had a great game

Angel Clemente stretching for a TD

After five weeks of play, the first half of the 2015 Spanish Serie B regular season is complete after having played each of our four Par Conference opponents one time..

We now play everybody in our Par Conference one more time before the start of the Serie B playoffs. Only the fifth place teams in each of Serie B's two Conferences are eliminated from the playoffs at the end of the eight game regular season slate.


Week #5 Results:
Murcia 20 - Barcelona 13
Reus 21 - Zaragoza Hornets 7
BYE: Barcelona

Par Conference Standings:
Reus Imperials 4-0
Murcia Cobras 2-2
Barcelona Búfals 2-2
Santurtzi Coyotes 2-2
Zaragoza Hornets 0-4

Week #6 Schedule:
Sunday, March 8, 2015
Barcelona (2-2) at Zaragoza Hornets(0-4)
Reus (4-0) at Santurtzi (2-2)
BYE: Murcia (2-2)

Week #5 Results:
Barberá 7 - Coslada 6
Las Rozas 27 - Granada 20
BYE: Zaragoza Hurricanes

Impar Conference Standings:
Barberá Rookies 4-0
Coslada Camioneros 2-2
Granada Lions 2-2
Zaragoza Hurricanes 1-3
Las Rozas Black Demons 1-3

Week #6 Schedule:
Sunday, March 8, 2015
Las Rozas (1-3) at Barberá (4-0)
Coslada (2-2) at Zaragoza Hurricanes (1-3)
BYE: Granada (2-2)

Today was a long, stay at home day in La Hacienda as I had been notified by Spain's Correo that the last of our eight boxes of donated, used American football gear had arrived at Murcia's Main Post Office on Saturday morning at 7:45 a.m.

Since it didn't come on Saturday, it could arrive anytime today. Thus I stayed at home all day waiting for the postman to ring my doorbell with a box of goodies.

Fortunately, I had plenty to do as I needed to breakdown yesterday's Barcelona Búfals game video.

Good beverage any day
of the week

The video confirmed that 1. we've improved a lot and 2. we have a lot more improving to do!

I again opted to give our Senior team the Monday practice after a Sunday game off partly because I knew that they would need more recovery time after yesterday's physical game played on the rock hard surface of our home field and partly because our next game was still three weeks away.

The Juniors would still practice from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. as they have another game this Saturday against the Cehegin Wolves. We had a great turnout for this workout.

 Juniors Running

 Back to Basics Practice

Punch and Drive

Junior Coach Tanke demonstrating

A bit high but not too bad

The box I waited for all day had still not arrived at 6:00 p.m. when Roberto Durán picked me up for the Junior practice.

I got an e-mail from the U.S. Postal Service stating that the Spanish Correos had tried to deliver the box but that nobody was home to receive it at 8:35 p.m. when the postman rang my doorbell.

Of course, we were still at practice at that time. Sta at home day again tomorrow to wait yet again.

More days . . .


David said...

So what time do Spanish postal workers start their deliveries? 7 p.m.?

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Olivier R said...

George,checking the standings, if you find a way to grab that second place in that 3 teams battle with Bilbao and Barcelona, does it mean you'd play a playoff game vs the number 1 team of the other division (probably Barbera up in the "valles") ?