Friday, March 20, 2015

Fathers Day in Spain

Thursday, 19 March, 2015:

Today is the Feast Day of St. Joseph.

Because of St. Joseph, today in Spain
it is Fathers Day

We spent the morning washing clothes and just hanging out as old married couples do.

In the afternoon we decided that Laurie needed to do some shopping at Murcia's biggest Mall.

Nueva Condomina Mall

It is conveniently located at the northeast terminus of the tram line but as we were traveling there, we noticed that the streets and the tram were both a bit empty.

Laurie in a lonely Mall

As it turns out, all of the shops in the Nueva Condomina Mall were closed due to it being Fathers Day. Why were we even allowed inside then?

The 15 Screen Cinesa was open for business

As was the Cinesa's adjoining food court.

We opted to re-board the tram to go into the city center to stretch our legs and grab a bite.

Door of a church built in the early 1400s

Bar La Tienda de Susano

The croquettas and marineras were excellent!

As with the Nueva Condomina Mall, the city's shops were closed save enough restaurants and bars to make life comfortable for wine lovers.

Newbury Park shopping bag?

We may have to try this place out

Meanwhile, in Valencia last night . . .

 La Cremà

The Las Fallas Festival ends on St. Joseph's Feast Day every year with the burning of all of the fallas save the one voted to be the best of falla of the festival. 

First they burn the little ones that were intended for the enjoyment of the youngsters.

Then they torch the more adult
themed huge fallas

As I write this, the morning TV news show that I am watching has some tremendous footage of La Cremà.

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