Friday, March 6, 2015

A Good Friday With a Disappointing Ending

Friday, 6 March, 2015:

Agatha Christie's
And Then There Were None

I checked this DVD out of the Bibloteca Regional on Wednesday. It's a classic!

Also known as Ten Little Indians, the Spanish title Diez Negritos is a bit troubling.

Opening Day of
Murcia's Mercado Medieval

I saw the info on this mini-festival while walking through El Barrio del Carmen yesterday on the way to the train station.

It was scheduled to start today at 11:30 a.m. I arrived at about 12:30 p.m. and they were, surprise, still not completely set up.

 El Jardin Floridablanca
was spruced up

 Chorizos . . . YUM!!!

 Aromatic Sachets

I bought some, after all, Laurie will be here soon.

Interesting Plates

Dried Fruits

Laurie loves them, me not so much


 The Food Court was not
even close to being open

A fiesta HERESY if you ask me!!!


Fresh deep fried potato chips

I will probably drop by again on Saturday. The Food Court better being operating at full tilt or there will be hell to pay!

I need some Pulpo Gallego.

For years all we have
bought were toys for boys

That will be changing soon.

In the future,
flower wreaths will be nice

 So will all things fairy related

Our little girl will have to have shoes

LOTS of shoes if she takes after her Mother and Paternal Grandmother.

 Artisan Soaps

I purchased an aromatic cinnamon and orange bar, after all, Laurie will be here soon.

 Knives from Albacete

Albacete is as famous for making knives as Toledo is for producing swords.

No Tarot Card Reading for Me


 I only bought a couple,
about 1/2 kilo in all

The Mercado was small and much more of a crafts market than anything medieval. The similar Mercado that I attended last month in Orihuela was both much bigger and muc, much bigger.

Enjoying another sunny day
on Murcia's Plaza Cardenal Belluga

Music on Plaza Cardenal Belluga
was a nice touch too

A Balalaika Player

At least I think it's a balalaika. He was just outside of La Tienda de Susano where they serve a great marinara.

Or so I'm told.

Playing the balalaika and singing too

La Tienda de Susano DOES serve
a GREAT marinara indeed!

View out of La Tienda de Susano's window

I love the traditional headgear that each waiter dons.

 In Murcia . . . OK?

 Holy Week is BIG in Murcia

 Close to home after about
five miles of walking

Bullfights are popping up everywhere

It must be Spring! Torreagüera is only about five miles East of Murcia.

English Vocabulary

NADIR: the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation, synonyms: low-water mark, rock-bottom

Tonight at our Senior practice we had nine players suited out including one QB, one RB, one OL, two DBs and four DLs. These players did all they could to improve their individual techniques but team improvement was just not in the cards tonight.

We also had four players in attendance who were not dressed out including one OL, one LB and two WRs.

To sum up the situation, we had a total of 13 Cobras at the practice in one way or another and the other 14 players were absent . . . NADIR

 More days . . .

. . . until she walks through
the airport door in Madrid

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