Monday, March 16, 2015

Laurie Is Back Up To Speed

Monday, 16 March, 2015:

Laurie is finally back in sync with Spanish Standard Time so we headed into el Centro so that she could finally do some clear headed shopping.

But first, we stopped sat the Biblioteca Regional to exchange some videos for her viewing pleasure while I'm at practice tonight.

At the Biblioteca this sign announced
a production about the history of the bra

Considering the subject matter, the clothing company at the upper left that is one of the sponsors is perfect.

Art at El Corte Inglés

Gracias to Murcia's
Welcoming Committee

We worked our way down to the Mercado de las Veronicas.

We bought two meters worth of sausages

Delicious looking red peppers

I liked the green one twos

Laurie meeting some of the locals

Saints overlooking the
Mercado de las Veronicas

St. Francis of Assisi

Laurie definitely wants to buy
a Traje Regionale for
the Festival de la Primavera

We headed across the Rio Segura to visit and eat with Rosa and Oscar. Even though Laurie doesn't speak Spanish and Rosa doesn't speak English, they got along just fine.

Travel Tuesday, Laurie's first of the 2015 season, will see us up bright and early as we head by train to . . .


The Fallas Festival is considered one of the very best in all of Spain, we couldn't miss it, could we?

We also have tickets to the bullfights
on Tuesday night

Blood sport to some and a slice of
Spanish culture to others

Three Matadors, Six Bulls

The bulls come from the Ganadería de Alcurrucén for matadors Juan José Padilla, Miguel Abellán and Diego Urdiales.

 Juan José Padilla

He lost his eye when he was gored in Zaragoza's bull ring in 2011.

 Miguel Abellán

Diego Urdiales

The bull gets in his licks too you know.

Valencia for two days should be great!

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