Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mercado de las Veronicas

Thursday, 26 March, 2015:


We were out of La Hacienda bright and early with the intent to simply journey to the Mercado de las Veronicas to buy just a bit of sausage for breakfast the next few days.

We would buy a whole lot more.

 No Spokes

Mercado de las Veronicas

Lots of food stalls

 No thank you but we will take a meter
each of mild and picante sausage

Nope, but we'll take a half kilo
of gambas pro favor

Wine, cheese, seasoned ground beef and jamon iberico, amongst other items, somehow went home with us.

So much shopping
merited a café break

 Semana Santa and the Spring Festival

All over the ciudad structures like these are being raised to prepare for the pageantry of these two festivals that will bring bedlam to Murcia during the next two weeks.

We decided that a long walk was now in order.

Near the Rio Segura



 Always with the Huelgas

 Art near the Cuartel de Artillería

We need to buy outfits
for the Spring Festival soon

Moorish style

Colorful capstone

Cuartel de Artillería up close

We found the main door of the Cuartel de Artillería of interest.


 Knocker close up


Wizard of Oz Gatekeeper Opening?

 About 10 feet high but still with soccer
ball prints in the dust


 Moorish Water Tower

The Princess

Every September, Murcia hosts a Moors and Christians Festival. As I write this we are watching Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren in the epic movie El Cid reliving that time period in Spanish history.

The Cuartel de Artillería is the site of the Moors and Christian Festival Museum which I had visited alone a few months ago.

It was time for Laurie to see the museum.

 Nice poster art

Really nice poster art

 Moorish Potentate

Christian King

 She would look GREAT in this

 The original tramp stamp?

 Laurie's new outfit for Husky games


 You could poke an eye out

Could have been us

 Details . . .

Detail . . .

Details . . .


Lustrous Cloth

Sole support for a . . .

. . . bouncing bridge over the Rio Segura

The Cathedral was nice as usual

It was about 12:30 p.m. now and we were in full hunger mode. Time to eat. 

Just the spot!

Oscar and Rosa had first brought me here and the food is always good.

At least Laurie thought so

Postre Mixto

The perfect ending to a paella lunch!

Penitents on parade all next week

A day without rain and with the Sun warming us all day long was a good thing.


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