Monday, March 30, 2015

Hot Monday in Murcia

Monday, 30 March, 2015:

Not much to report today as the heat was again the big deal of the day in Murcia.

To escape the heat, we took the tram to the Nueva Condomina shopping mall to enjoy some air conditioning and turn Laurie loose on the sagging Spanish economy.

It was while at this mall that we realized the magnitude of Cobra Mania in the region after our three recent wins at home.


The Nueva Condomina's Pull&Bear store has not one but two of these Cobras in their display windows.

I inquired about purchasing them but apparently a Cobra Mania Ultra fan has already bought both of these once the store is done with them.

I wonder if there are any other Pull&Bear stores in the greater Murcia megalopolis that might have a spare Cobra for the team's games?

El Negro working his way
into my Cuban heart

Only eight Juniors tonight but they gave a good effort in the suffocating heat. Lots of water breaks at our AstroDirt field.

Because of the numerous Semana Santana goings on all over the country and since we do not play this week, I gave the Seniors the week off to regroup and rest their bodies.

Laurie and I made a last minute decision to take off for a few days and booked a room for the next two nights in the beautiful beach city of Alicante about an hour by train North of us.

Mediterranean Sea . . . HERE WE COME!!!

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