Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lunch at Casa de Vives

Saturday, 7 March, 2015:

Before we start talking about today's activities, I must bring you up to speed on the other day's first ever Erik Peterson-Murcia Cobras Helmet and Shoulder Pad Renovation Night.

I was in charge of refurbishing the helmets with the much needed parts that Erik, a former standout DL for me at Westlake H.S. in the 1980s and now a high school teacher/coach in California, had sent us.

I noticed that one old Schutt helmet was in need of a newer back sizer and as I was changing it out, I noticed that it had two unusual looking bolts securing the face mask onto the helmet. I decided to change them out in lieu of the usual two screws.

This exchange of back sizers
was simple enough until . . . 

That's when I discovered that they were not two bolts at all but rather two . . .

Paper Fastening Brads

I know the old saying, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this was incredible.

As I said, we needed Erik's help BADLY!!!


After talking it over with Laurie, we have looked at her first week's itinerary for her triumphant return to the Continent and decided to take it slowly as she may battle jet lag.

This coming Thursday night, after her Air France plane touches down, we will stay in Madrid.

On Friday we will take the train to Murcia as I have two Cobras' practices that night.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be used to accustom her to Murcia's people and tapas bars and for two more Cobras' practices on Monday night. There are no games scheduled for the Cobras next weekend on any level.

Then on Tuesday, we'll board the train to Valencia early in the morning and get serious . . . 

BIG Fallas Fiesta in Valencia
Hopefully you clicked on the link above to see what the interesting Fallas Festival is all about. We've been led to believe that it is one of Spain's best festivals and, as you may know, Spaniards love a good fiesta!!!

We booked a room for the night and we also bought . . .

Two tickets to Tuesday afternoon's
Fallas Bullfight in Valencia's Plaza de Toros

So what happened today? Lunch with Oscar, Rosa and Alberto was the big deal of the day. On the way to the Casa de Vives restaurant near the Cathedral to meet them . . .


I thought The Saint was British

An angel?

Somewhere about half way up this building, a woman with a remarkable singing voice and good acoustics, was giving her neighbors, and me as I walked by, a wonderful, free concert.

Love tile work

Remember when Fred and Ginger
danced to this song in The Gay Divorcee?

Law School Plaza

Shouldn't this street intersect with
Avenida de la Victoria?

A Floating Head?

No, it is a sculpture of Spanish poet Ruben Dario.

As I was way too early for our lunch date, I opted to explore more of Murcia's Centro.

Iglesia de San Juan de Dios
18th Century

More museum than a church, it was beautiful inside.



Madonna and Son


I had not been inside this church until today although I had walked by its closed doors on several occasions.

I was so overtaken by its interior beauty and by the fact that there was no entry fee that I asked the lady working the desk by the entrance if I could make a financial contribution for its maintenance. Her answer shocked me.

In a clear voice she said, and I quote, "No, we don't accept donations."

This was a first in Catholic Church history as far as I know.

More tile work

The Cathedral's Chains

Legend has it that the man who sculpted these chains ewas tortured by the Church for doing it. Exactly who did what to him is a bit cloudy but it was not good.

Cathedral side entrance

Cathedral Gargoyle

Baroque Architecture

"Hi, my name is Chip"

Wedding preparations on
Plaza Cardenal Belluga

The groom was already drinking it appears

With Rosa at Casa de Vives

Oscar and I had the breaded pork

While Rosa and Alberto
went with the paella

The fact that we had a salad, potatoes in garlic sauce, a ham and cheese plate and deep fried calamari before this plus beverages and an amazing dessert for about $14 a person just added to a tremendous dining experience!

On to the Mercado Medieval

They would not let me on the pony ride

Wood carver's tools

Who doesn't have a good,
carved boar's head in their home?

Medieval Weaponry


Nope, not today, I was looking for something hand made by an artisanal Spanish woman for our soon to be born granddaughter.


Although there is NO WAY that our granddaughter will drool!

Medieval BBQ

The Casa de Vive had defeated me.

Tomorrow is another day.

The Rio Segura

Iconic Murcian Architecture

Probably not.

It was yet another great day in Murcia with friends!

More days . . .

. . . until she is close to her
beloved Mediterranean Sea

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