Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Trip to the Makro and a Juniors Game vs. the Mallorca Volters

Saturday, 28 February, 2015:

I awakened to a beautiful Spring Saturday in Murcia. 

The first order of business was to meet Roberto Durán for a trip to a Costco-like supermarket to buy food supplies in bulk to sell at the Cobras' Senior game Sunday against the 2-0 Barcelona Búfals.

I was a little early and while waiting near his car I could not resist taking a couple of photos of our neighborhood.

 Lots of Wires

Wires Close Up

Makro is like Costco but with
a definite Spanish twist

Mister Tortitas is a pancake maker

An omen for Sunday?

Probably not, just a beer from India.

Cuban beers

I was starting to like this place.

Laurie's map of places to visit in Spain

 BIG wine selection

Sidra is good if you don't spill it
all over yourself

I did that in Oviedo once.


Many of these were moderately priced, some were EXPENSIVE!!!

That's about $35/pound

 These are the expensive ones

Their excellent taste comes from a diet of 100% acorns. 

Croquetas . . .
rows and rows of croquetas

 Just like home


 Piel de Sapo Melon

This translates as being a Skin of a Toad Melon. The melon's skin does remind you of a toad but the sample melons at the Makro were sweetly delicious.

Roberto said that they go great with thinly cut ham.

Thus, when I later went to the local green grocers to buy oranges and saw that they had a pile de sapo melon, I bought one.

I trust Roberto's judgement!

Junior Game Day

At 5:00 p.m., our 2-0 Junior team was hosting the 2-0 Mallorca Voltors.

While our records were the same the way we got there was not.

The Cobras had beaten the Granada Lions twice back in December, that's right, it has been over two months since our last Junior game. The first game was a comfortable 37-8 win for the Cobras and the second one was a nail-biter with Murcia hanging on for dear life before winning it 19-18.

The Voltors on the other hand had beaten the Cehegin Wolves 70-0 and the Granada Lions 53-13.

The Voltors also had six of their Juniors recently named to the Spanish National Junior Team. That's a lot, especially when you recall that Spanish Junior level football is played with only nine players instead of the normal 11 used at the Senior level.

It did not look good.

 Estadio Monte Romero

Our game field's Monsanto Astro-Dirt looked amazingly good in the sunshine.

We were still lining the field
during the team warm ups

 Total Domination

The Voltors are an extremely good Junior team, probably the best I've seen in EuroBall over the years.

The final score saw the Voltors improve to 3-0 after handing our Cobras Juniors a 67-0 beating.

It could have been worse as the Voltors' coach graciously offered to end the game early in the Fourth Quarter rather than make matters worse for our outmanned team.

Estadio Monte Romero
We return here on Sunday

Sunday will be the fifth weekend of games in the Spanish League's Serie B. It is also the end of the first round of games. We will play everyone in our Conference again during Weeks 6-10 at the opposite sites of the first round games.

Barcelona Búfals 2-1


Murcia Cobras 1-2

A Cobra win would put us in the three way tie for second place in our Conference at 2-2 with the Búfals and the Santurtzi Coyotes who have the Bye this weekend.

The 3-0 Reus Imperials play the 0-3 Zaragoza Hornets on Sunday and will remain in first place regardless of the outcome of their game. Obviously, the Hornets are heavy underdogs in this one.

We've had a solid week of practice, now lets see how we play on GAME DAY!

Go Cobras GO!!!

More days . . .

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