Thursday, February 12, 2015

Travel Thursday Rain-Out

Thursday, 12 February, 2015:

This says it all about this week's
Travel Thursday!

My original plan was to take the Cercanía train to the city of Águilas for the Opening Day of their pre-Lenten Carnaval.

After checking out their website last night, I decided that they had a more interesting program scheduled for next Tuesday than for today, so I needed an alternate plan.

Many of the Cobras had mentioned that I must take a bus trip just outside of the city to the Virgen de la Fuensanta Sanctuary, the patron saint of Murcia.

I was all set to do it today until I woke up to see that we were going to have a serious day of rain to disrupt my plans.

Thus it was chiefly another day in La Hacienda.

More pictures arrived on line from various photographers who were in attendance at last Sunday's game in Zaragoza for all of our viewing pleasure.

This is from "Field Goal" a Facebook
page about American football in Spain

So is this about our Cobras' QB
Ángel Clemente

For more about our league, go to: 


Angel romping

TD Serrano

Interception El Largo

Blocking for El Largo's 24 yard
interception return

Good pad level

"Watch, I'm going to intercept this pass . . .
 and then fall down!"

Zaragoza Hornets' Cheerleaders
have interesting hair-dos

Smart photographers are always
well dressed for chilly conditions

Uh-oh, we lost contain

That's better

Thanking "El Publico"

Announcing that #81, WR Rafa
won the Game Hammer Award

That's Rafa being patted on the head to my right.

Hammer Held High!

A bleached out group of Cobras

Cadet home game Saturday night

Our Cadets are ages 13-16 and will play five man, full contact football. Only one man can rush and the QB can not run the ball unless he receives it back after handing it off.

This will be interesting to say the least.

Now, only . . .

More days!

That's just four weeks, YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!

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