Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Post-Game Monday

Monday, 9 February, 2015:

Much of today was spent recovering from Sunday's long round trip bus ride to Zaragoza. The rest of the day was spent going over game film of next Sunday's opponent, the high flying, 2-0, Conference leading Reus Imperials.

It will be our first home game of the campaign.

Three Boxes Arrived Today

Coaches in Ventura County graciously answered our recent plea for used helmets and shoulder pads to be donated to the Murcia Cobras program.

With the aid of the perfect coach's wife, Laurie Contreras, the 16 helmets and five shoulder pads were expertly boxed up and shipped via the U.S. Postal Service young Miss Laurie.

We still have one more box awaiting arrival but, suffice it to say, the Cobras were excited about the "new" gear.

Finally, the Cobras received a slew of wonderful photographs today from both the Zaragoza Hornets' photographer Anu Medina and our two Cobras photographers, Catalina Gracia Saavedra and Oscar Constante.

Cobra helmets on the pristine turf

Decent group of refs

Fisheyer view of the game field

Zaragoza fans bundled up

Starting at Right Tackle, Tomás!

David Durán
Last game's Hammer winner

Roberto Durán
had his game face on

happy to be alive

a passionate LB

comedian turned clutch WR

Rufete was cold


With my main man
Alberto Talavera

Here come the Hornets

Mini-Q on the tackle

BIG Hornet!

Good tackle

Swarm to the ball!!!

Grass clippings

The Pit

Good pad level

 Jesus Clemente sweeping


DE David Durán
QB Sack

David Durán again

Rafa Manzano
Possession Receiver

Rafa's agreement with the Hornets' secondary was simple. If you let me catch the pass, I promise to fall down on the spot and not score a TD. 

Kiki's Interception

Rafa again for a Cobra . . .

. . . FIRST DOWN!!!


Rufete and Mariano

Jesus Clemente being chased


Fernando and Ruso
Two Junior linemen playing
extremely well for the Seniors

Casta and Alberto
closing in

Casta on the run

A David Durán QB Sack
and Ruso collapsing the pocket

Block that punt!!!

Or at least pressure it

QB Smushed

Tanke surveying the carnage

Lock out your arms!

Human Missle

Tough playing in the trenches

Helping a Hornet up

Another Big Play by David Durán

David Durán highlight day

Pablo Serrano TD Grab . . .

. . . and celebration

Yes, that was me on the TD grab

Pressuring the QB led to . . .

. . . a Mariano interception

Rafa stalk blocking

Surveying the scene

Angel Clemente is loose again

This is no time to fool around, Amoros

Jump Cut

This is going to leave a mark!

FS El Largo interception return

We need to work on his ball carrying techniques though.

"The police are looking for a three-legged man with a football helmet tattoo on his outer left calf."

High Fives at the end of the game

And a handshake from former
University of La Verne Leopard
Michael Simon

Tanke our Center

Win or Lose

Rafa wins the Game Hammer

Victory Decal

And finally . . .

More days . . .


David said...

Fisheye lens! Jason Johnson would be proud.

George said...

David, I thought the same thing.