Monday, February 16, 2015

Postal Monday

Monday, 16 February, 2015:

The day started with, hopefully, a final encounter with the Spanish Customs people to pay an import duty and get our final box of donated equipment in the hands of needy Cobra players.

It would not go smoothly.

But first . . .

A stop at the Café D'Lola

This is another friendly spot in the neighborhood that makes good tapas including my breakfast staple, Tortilla Española and . . .

Café con Leche

Lots and lots of café con leches as these waiting saucers do indeed attest.

 The Post Office

After my morning repast, I arrived at the Correos armed with a copy of the e-mail I received from Aduanas, the Spanish Customs Department, asking for a payment 42.38 Euros in order to liberate our missing box from their Madrid offices.

When I handed my copy of the e-mail to the postal bank worker, he looked at it like it was written in Chinese and/or he had never seen such a document.

After a couple of torturous minutes, he finally allowed me to pay the fine and gave me not only a copy of the receipt but also a second printed original as his printer was quite low on toner and the printing was faint.

My instructions were to now e-mail a picture of this receipt to Aduanas and the box would be on the move again for the first time since February 5th.

Thank goodness that Cobra OG Roberto Durán lives near La Hacienda and after the trip to the Correos, helped tremendously with, hopefully, our final dealings with Aduanas.

On the walk home from the Correos . . .

Fútbol not American Fútbol

St. Francis never looked more hip

I was invited to Roberto and Imma Durán's home for lunch today and it was fantastic to sit down with them and enjoy a good meal with friends. Roberto did the cooking and he is really good at it!

I would be remiss to forget to mention that last week I also enjoyed a similarly great lunch experience in the home of Oscar Constante and Rosa Talavera.

These are the best of moments that life in EuroBall affords.

Junior Practice

We only had this one practice tonight.

The Seniors do not have a game this weekend and, due to yesterday's expected extremely physical game, I had told the team last Friday that we would not practice on this Monday.

Good move as it turned out. 

Travel Tuesday

Weather permitting, rain is expected, I'll take the train to Àguilas tomorrow to see one of their great Carnaval parades in the evening. It should be fun.

Only . . . 

More days . . .

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