Sunday, February 1, 2015

Flag Football Saturday and a Gorge Yourself Sunday

Saturday, 31 January, 2015:

Up and at 'em for a pair of 11:00 a.m. five-man flag football games on an overcast, windy day with light rain at times.

 Juniors warming up for a game
with the Cehegin Wolves

 Rainbow in the distance


Double covering a Wolf

That's Colino and Aitor covering the Cehegin player with Tala over the top.

Adrian on the "tackle"

Jorge making a "tackle" too

Adrian with the Pass Rush

Aitor in the Open Field

Great catch by Adrian!

The Juniors romped over a weak Cehegin team today. With the victory, they claimed the Murcian Junior League 2015 Flag Football Championship.

 Sprinkler on a dirt field

 Happy Seniors ready to challenge
the Muxtamel Mustangs

"Tackling" paractice

If only all Cobras had his heart!

Open Field "Tackling" Practice

Amoros driving on the ball

New Cobras Football

We have been asked to try out this ball on a trail basis by a company in Mexico that is producing these odd looking footballs.

Two sets of laces

I said that it was odd looking. The Cobras all seemed to like it but, then again, we did not have to punt or kick it today.

Pablo Serrano loose in the secondary


Tanke in Hot Pursuit

"Psst, Amoros,
I'm going to throw it to Jesus."

 TD Serrano!

Roberto open in the flat

Unbalanced Line

 Roberto Rumbling

Our center caught four passes in the game including the TD we've already seen and a PAT catch.

 Angel to Tanke . . .

. . . for a back shoulder TD

Jesus played well again today

Tanke being a tank . . .

. . . but with a spin move too

Interception Jesus

 Jesus getting down for the ball

Our victorious Seniors

I'm not sure of the exact final score but it was something like 
Cobras a lot - Mustangs a little.

Post Game Celebration

Our two Big Men
Tanke and Roberto

Sunday, 1 February, 2015:

While it is Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, it is just another day in Europe since the big game doesn't start until 12:30 a.m. Monday.


Made of Meringue, it is bigger
than the average human skull

But, oh so good for you!!!

Rosa and Oscar

I met up with them, their son Alberto and former Cobra Jose Sotomayor at the Parilla Argentina for a light lunch.

Unfortunately for all Murcians, this is the last day that this great restaurant will be open in our fine city.

The fun loving owner/chef of the all-the-meat-you-can-eat parilla, Angel, is moving his business north to Valencia.

The silver lining is that I now have another reason to re-visit Valencia.

I'm FULL!!!

Roberto Durán will pick me up at 11:00 p.m. tonight to meet up with several present and past Cobras at an Irish pub not far from La Hacienda to watch the Super Bowl in the wee hours on Monday morning. The game should end around 4:30 a.m. local time.

I look for Monday to be somewhat of a non-productive day.

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Rosa said...

Como siempre que podemos pasar una tarde, una comida contigo, lo pasamos divertido y entrañable. Gracias George!!