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Orihuela's Medieval Market

Friday, 30 January, 2015:

Better get a cup of coffee, it's a long blogpost today . . .

I was up early and out of La Hacienda in time to catch the 10:05 a.m., Cercanía train to the nearby ciudad of Orihuela.

With my Senior Citizen Tarjeta Dorada, the round trip of about 40 miles only cost me 2.40 Euros, a true bargain!

Orihuela's Train Station

Miguel Hernández was a beloved poet

VERY beloved it appears in Orihuela

As is the norm in Spain, other than in Alicante, the Tourist Information Center was located in the center of the city, nowhere near the train station.

It was once again, time for a little detective work and for picking the right people to ask for help. I know that asking for directions is not manly but I was short on time as I had to get back to Murcia for two practices in the evening.

Why was I in Orihuela to begin with you wonder?

Their Medieval Market Weekend,
of course

Getting closer

It was about a 15 minute walk from the train station to the center of Orihuela. I could easily see that the tallest building in the city was a church, no surprise there, and headed towards it to get my final directions to the Market.

Lottery Ticket Booth

Veteran Lottery Ticket Saleswoman

Nice fountain on Orihuela's main street

Getting closer still

It was time to ask two ladies who were having a conversation near the Ayuntamiento for my final instructions on how to get to the Market.

When I asked, they quickly ended the conversation and one lady proudly announced that she would be happy to walk me to the City Gate where the Market was scheduled to be held inside the parameters of the Orihuela's ancient and historic city walls.

Tan amablé!!!

Almost there

A Bill Gardner moment

The City Gate

A wonderful day waited within but it was really windy.

No one was breaking in here

A Nice Courtyard

This outfit = CHICK MAGNET!

Orihuela's Tourist Information Center

A city map at last, plus tons of information about a little ciudad with lots to see it turns out.

Another Camino to walk?

As near as I can tell, this Camino
starts in Orihuela and . . .

... ends in Burgos where El Cid
is buried, makes sense to me

I'm not clear on this, but since Burgos is on the Camino de Santiago's French Route, you can turn this into a really nice stroll.

At the Tourist Information Center, they informed me that the 11:00 a.m. start time for the Medieval Market had been postponed due to the strong winds and fear of people being hit by flying objects like tarps, branches, etc., I assumed.

Of course, they may have been referring to the possibility of some really old building collapsing too.

Thus, I made it a priority to find the location of the . . .

Better safe than sorry

Even though the Old Town was on hold awaiting the green light to get started when the winds calmed down, there was still lots of activity in the streets as vendors tentatively started opening their shops to display their wares.

Garlic Strands

Love Kebabs!

Of course, a Medieval Market must have colorful banners!





Dragon on wheels

Amsterdam's Crest on the right?

French flavor

Arab influence . . .

. . . Absolutely!!!

Lots of Arab influence to be sure

The people you meet in Orihuela

Paella pans ready but unlit

High winds and flames are never a good combination.

The sold cheeses

Lots and lots . . .

. . . of cheeses including this
delicious pesto cheese

The wind was still gusting, most of the Market stalls were on hold so I opted to see some of Orihuela's churches and architecture both inside and out.


This one is actually a school now

Nice crest

Green Tiles

Blue Tiles

Colorful design

Palms and a church

My art walk was interrupted by a few vendors who were about to open regardless of any official word as the city was starting to swell with new arrivals on tourist busses. 

Bikers in Orihuela?






Nice Ax



"What's going on down there?"

I'm getting hungry, they really
need to start the festivities soon!

Baked potatoes with all the fixings!
But not until the Ayuntamiento says
that the Market can start

No, really, somebody turn off the wind machine!!!

Royalty greeting we peasants

Nice building entrance

Nice Building

Priest with kids . . .

No comment.

El Caballero Cubierto


Why are there knockers
that high on this church door?

The low ones were interesting

Cathedral Ceiling

Choir Crest

Altar Gate



Santiago de Compostela

The Cross of Santiago

A Baptismal Font

Nuestra Señora de La Fuensanta


Holy Water Font

GOT to have a gargoyle
at a Medieval Market!

Cool Medieval Dude

Giant King

Giant Queen

Fun Shoe Repair Sign

Ponies for the kids

Good time for a snoring siesta
on the sidewalk until he is
allowed to open his stall

Blue Fountain

My name on a grain of rice . . .

Fish Art

This creo is living the Thug Life

A food stall is open!

With Knights Templar
as waiters . . .

. . . SOLD!!!

He works with all sorts of . . .

. . . tools



Dried Fruits



Salesman in a frock

 The grandsons would love these

If we had a granddaughter,
she would love these too

 After reading of its properties,
I bought the Mango sachet . . .

. . . and some soap from Marseille

On some game nights, I have felt
like I live on this street

 Holy Week clothing shop

I like the white one

Now we're talking

No green light yet but there was money to be made.

Meat ready to grill

Bread loaves ready for the meat

 A pig roasting


Food prep . . .

Make that, Medieval food prep

Did I mention that I'm a carnivore?

Lemons are nice too

More meat

I love carbohydrates!

. . . and even more meat!!!!!!


Looks good




Time to see what is going on away from the food area.

Stilts are always good

 A chance to battle

 Sword wound?

Archery 101

Chess anyone?


Finally, the word was spreading, Orihuela's Medieval Market XV was officially open only 2 1/2 hours behind schedule.

The Knight's were ready

So was this disturbing person

As was this troll

A dragon is a must!

Getting closer to the Caballeros

What the . . .

Noble and ready

Arab Royalty

Proud Steed

 Dancer drawing a crowd

 The parade is starting


The Royals

Here are four videos of the parade which was short but colorful. 

She wowed the crowd

Start the Parade . . .
with a Medieval whistle?

Orihuela's Honor Society, I believe

Will they Joust later?

I was full, the day had been a good one but it was now time to head back to Murcia. I opted to take to the back streets of friendly Orihuela to see what else this enchanting city had to offer.

 Green park benches

Blue park benches . . .

 . . . lots of blue park benches

 Family roots in Orihuela?

 A Dance School Mural

I'm OK with this

Does Apu know?


I'm guessing that this copy of Picasso's Guernica painting went up on this person's front porch sometime after Franco's death in 1975.

To sum up, it was a GREAT day in Orihuela!!!

Random tidbits from the week:

 Interesting critic's review in
the local paper this week

 Paul Petrich need's to visit Murcia

Cobras team photo
The Mighty 23!

Thanks to Catalina Garcia Saavedra for taking this after last Sunday's game in Santurtzi.

On Friday night we had two good practices with the Juniors and Seniors.

Spirits run high in our small band of fighting Cobras!!!

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