Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Cold Day in Murcia

Wednesday, 4 February, 2015:

Another windy day in Murcia making the wind/chill factor a real issue in my daily routine decision making.

I opted to wear an extra layer and hit the streets as I needed to hit the library for something new to read and was running low on cheese.

As usual, Murcia continues to surprise me on these walks.

The Old Prison

Back in the day, this prison was in the huerta away from what is now the historic center of Murcia near the Cathedral. Today it is closed and in the heart of the city.

A German Pizza Shop?

If that wasn't strange enough, five minutes later I came upon a store selling . . .

Military Memorabilia

It looked like a Nazis R Us outlet.


WWII Spanish Volunteers

Oh, check that . . .
 Spanish Axis Volunteers

German pilots and their pipes

They had USSR Memorabilia too

Fortunately, they were closed or I would have bought this Russian article on the spot.

Meanwhile, the walk continued . . .

Interesting Mural

They sell fans, Laurie will be
all over this store soon

Lunch at Los Zagales


A Murcian specialty on cold Winter days like today.

It was good!!!

Love Los Zagales' ambiance

They sell delicious Miguelitos
de La Roda in Murcia?

I'm doomed.

Two good practices tonight with the best turnout for the Senior workout of the season.

We have our second game of the season this coming Sunday in chilly Zaragoza that is predicted to be 7 degrees Celsius at our noon kickoff with a wind/chill factor 0f -1 degree Celsius. We were informed after practice tonight that the bus will leave Murcia at 2:00 a.m. on Monday for the eight hour drive north.


It is, at last, time to start the 2015 countdown!

Only. . .

more days until Laurie
arrives in España!!!

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