Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Held Hostage on a Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015:

I spent the morning doing laundry and drying it indoors on my handy drying rack as I feared stepping out of La Hacienda for even a moment.

You see the postman was due at any time today to deliver Box #4 of American football equipment that Laurie had shipped me. If I missed his second attempt to deliver it, then I would have to go downtown to the main post office to pick it up myself.

Since I do not have a car that would entail getting Roberto Durán to take me there to get it and since parking is not easy in that part of Murcia, it makes the task much more troublesome to say the least.

Thus, I would be a prisoner of La Hacienda today until the postman finally rang at 11:35 a.m. with Box #4!

U of W packing tape,
nice touch Laurie!

Three Riddell shoulder pads
and two Riddell helmets

Once Box #4 was opened and inventoried, I decided to get out of La Hacienda for a good walk on a spectacular day in Murcia. I also needed to take care of some unfinished business from yesterday at the Club Taurino de Murcia.

King Alfonso X was enjoying El Sol

Gardens with fountains ARE indeed
a slice of heaven as the Moors say

This one is found in Jardin El Salitre near the Club Taurino de Murcia where . . .

. . . I bought two really good seats on
the shady side of the Plaza de Toros

The two seats are for Laurie and myself. They are located up close and personal in Row 1 of the Contrabarrera meaning that if we have a couple of cañas during the first few toros, we just might jump into the arena for toro #6 or 7!

After buying the tickets, I decided that food was in order to properly celebrate the occasion. What better place to eat, read the day's newspaper and hear caballeros talk bull fighting lore than the Club Taurino's bar?

Let's see what was in the news today . . .

An Earthquake in Spain!

I did not feel this 5.2 earthquake yesterday afternoon centered in Albacete about 90 miles northwest of Murcia but many in the Cobras' family said that they did.

The State Farm guy
won an Academy Award?

I love those commercials but an Oscar? WOW!

I could listen to these two aficionados
talk about La Fiesta Brava for hours

After a good but light repast, I continued my trek through Murcia stopping along the way as necessary.

Murcia Skyline

Same building from a different side

The Mr. Dumi Driving School

No, really, you just can't make this stuff up.

At the Church and Cloister of La Merced, completed in 1713, I enjoyed looking at its Baroque façade.

Who doesn't love a
fat trumpet player with wings?


I think he had a part in the movie
Name of the Rose

The cross of Caravaca perhaps

Another fat trumpeter with wings!

The ancient door of the Church and
Cloister of La Merced

I love a marketplace and
this looked like a good one

I had walked past this mercado on several occasions but had never gone inside until today.

Wheel of Fish

Nice produce

Love these Eggplants

It had a nice Panaderia too

The walk continued after this visit to another solid mercado where I resisted lots of temptations and only bought a good sized chunk of Saint-Marcellin cheese.


It was warm,
I needed a vino tinto

I do not know

I like music


Estadio La Condomina

Cool corner building

Interesting . . .

19 degrees Centigrade!

That's a balmy 67 degrees Fahrenheit, just a another great day in the south of Spain!

More days . . .

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