Sunday, February 15, 2015

Santuario de la Fuensanta

Saturday, 14 February, 2015:

A Happy Valentine's Day to All!!!

Meanwhile, another beautiful day in . . .

Perfect for exploring the home town

Curse you . . .

The plan today was simple, first go to the Correo to pay the Customs duty on the last of the seven boxes of donated, used American football equipment that Laurie had sent us.

We took a heavy hit, 50 Euros, on this box but since it is the only one that Spanish Aduanas (Customs) called us on, the them felt OK with the fine.

This final box has been stuck in Aduanas in Madrid sine February 5th. It will stay there until the fine is paid. Thus, the trip to the Correo to pay the fine.

Now the Correo (Post Office) itself was open to buy stamps or pick up packages but the banking department where the fine must be paid is closed on Saturdays.

Of course.

The fine will be paid on Monday then and this final box of used helmets and shoulder pads should be in Murcia by week's end.

The big deal of the day now was a trip to the outskirts of Murcia to the suburb of Algezares to see the Santuario de la Fuensanta.

This manifestation of the Virgin Mary is the Patron Saint of Murcia.

At the Tourist Information Center I was told earlier in the week that I needed to board the bus on the LAT's 50A line to get there. On Saturdays and Sundays this bus takes you all the way to the top of the hill where the Santuario sits overlooking all of Murcia's huertas.

As I came out of the Correo and crossed the street, the LAT 50A bus sped right by me as I was still about 150 yards from the bus stop. I was five minutes early for the bus but the bus was about two minutes early for me.

I missed it.

No problem, the next one would be along in only . . .

One hour.

Grin and explore.

Grin and explore.

Grin and explore.

Cool angel atop a random building

Mini Art Festival

An Artist

Part of Murcia's Café Scene

Thinking . . .

Waiting . . .

After grinning, exploring, a café con leche and a quick perusal of the newspaper, the next LAT 50A bus arrived on schedule at 10:58 a.m.

The driver informed me that, no, this bus does not go all the way to the top of the hill where the Santuario sits, in stead it would drop me off at the base of the hill.

I needed the exercise.

When I queried him about the bogus Tourist Information Center's bus schedule, he told me that they were partially correct. The LAT 50A bus does go to the top of the hill on Saturday afternoons and all day on Sundays.

Curses, foiled again!!!

The Santuario is . . .

. . . way up there

It was hot and obviously uphill, but I took my time and made it comfortably.

Barefoot Carmelite Monastery

Almost there . . .

Made it!

Nice Fountain

I still had to climb this hill

The Stations of the Cross
along the hillside walk

I think that they were placed along this hillside walk as a gentle reminder to stop whining, some people have had it harder than this trek.

Finally, at the top

A wedding about to take place
in the Santuario . . .

. . . complete with traditionally
dressed singers

Virgen Fuensanta

Hail Mary . . .

Flower Girl on the run

A scenic restaurant just
below the Santuario

They serve a delicious Marinara here I must add!

Two even.

Murcia's Patron Saint

Vistas of Murcia

I think that I had a Vision
thanks to the Fuensanta!!!

A Valentine mini-cake
thanks to Belén at our panaderia

Cadet Game
Cehegin Wolves at Murcia Cobras

Hats UP!!!

 Captains OUT

 Cobra Braintrust

Dive, DIVE!!!

 New play for Talavera

Aitor running amok

Nice new helmet decals

Bunch Set


Put a move on JuanJo!

Nice helmet decals Wolves

Chasing Alberto Talavera

Estadio ready to ROCK!!!

Bombs away!!!

Spartans on the rampage!!!

Still swarming to the ball

Lots of legs

 Great QB Pressure

5-on-5 = Open Space

Team Photo

Winning QB Alberto Talavera

Elvis is in the house!!!

The Cadet Cobras played quite well in cruising to 16-0 victory on Saturday at Estadio Romero, progress was coming.

I was out for a tapas dinner with Roberto and Imma Durán, when we ran into . . .

An elixir of some type

It was a good, relaxing time with two dear friends before Sunday's big game between the 2-0 Reus Imperials and the home standing, 1-0 Murcia Cobras.

Only . . .

. . . more days


David said...

So, have you already shot all the countdown numbers, or are you having to search for them every day?

George said...

Daily search is my style David.