Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday in Murcia

Thursday, 19 February, 2015:

After a quiet morning, I was off to join good friends Oscar and Rosa in their home for a good lunch and a lot of friendship. Their son Alberto, who is our Junior team's QB also joined us after his school day was done.

On the way to their home, I saw this poster.

 The Toros are coming
back to Murcia!

It looks like a solid line-up of matadors on Sunday, March 22nd.

We play the Santurtzi Coyotes at home that morning at 11:00 a.m., plenty of time to get to the local Plaza de Toros for the 5:00 p.m. start of the Corrida.

 Rosa's lunch was WONDERFUL!!!

While Rosa was off to work, Oscar, Alberto and I were off on a madcap tour of the city.

 Centro Cultural Antiguo
Cuartel de Artillería

This former military complex has been turned into several useful public buildings over the last few years. The one you see here is used by artists in various disciplines.

Oscar, who is one of the two Cobras' team photographers, attends workshops here to improve his already awesome skills.

It has a Disneyesque feel to it

Capstone Garden

These ornate capstones used to be atop the walls of this former military base. The walls are long gone but the artsy capstones were preserved.

It's art, no other function required

A rare me photo

I was told by Oscar and Alberto that everyone in Murcia, sooner or later, has his or her picture taken by this fountain.

Thus, I posed.

 Alberto and Oscar at
the Bull Fighting Museum

Alberto's Grandfather was heavily involved with the Murcia Plaza de Toros before passing away a few years ago.

 A noble beast

 Miuras, the biggest and bravest
bulls that Spain has to offer

Vintage Bull Fight Cartel #1

Vintage Bull Fight Cartel #2

After a good visit to the museum, we stopped at the nearby Kennedy Bar for a café cortado and an OJ for young Alberto.

Murphy graffiti at the Kennedy Bar


Don't you just hate it when you buy a piece of property to turn into a large underground parking garage only to excavate ancient historic ruins that must be saved and thus spoil your plans for financial gain?

Nice photo Art Walk next to the
El Corte Inglés Department Store

It was a good day but still, only . . .

More days!!!

I think that's only three weeks.

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