Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Day on the Links and a Great Lunch

Tuesday, 3 February, 2015:

About two weeks ago Cobra TE/DE David "Brady" Durán mentioned that we should get together for a round of golf some day soon.

Today was that day as we were joined by Cobra OG Roberto who is David's brother and by Tomás who is David's father-in-law.

We were in store for a fun 18 holes at a par three, pitch and putt golf course in the Murcia suburb of Montepríncipe.

The only drawbacks would be a very strong wind and my sudden, and heretofore unknown, ability to hit the ball really well.

The price was right
at 5 Euros for 18 holes

 Clear but very windy

The greens were FAST

Roberto teeing off

Tomás is a GOOD golfer

He was also a very good person who was fun to pair up with on a round of golf.

 Stay left David

Three straight water holes

Amazingly, all four of us
hit this small green

 I was happy with this shot

But not this one

Tomás drained this for par

So did I

It broke to soon

We all had fun times
at the beach today

Nice follow through Roberto

After a caña or two to celebrate our fun round, we headed to David and Rocio's home for a genuine Murcian lunch.

It was GOOD!!!!!!!

At their beautiful penthouse home, we were joined by Carmina who is Tomás' wife and Rocio's, a.k.a. La Reina, mother.

We had a fun lunch that lasted a long time as we were able to sit, eat, drink and share long talks about all sorts of fun things. 

Back row: Roberto, Tomás and David
Front row: Carmina and Rocio 

Me with the Group

It was another great day in España with some really good people.

These are the types of days that I cherish and remember the most on my trips abroad.

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