Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shut-In Wednesday

Wednesday, 11, February, 2015:

Another day spent on the computer looking at game video, two practices tonight and I'm going a bit stir crazy. A road trip this Thursday is a must!

Maybe I should go to the Opening Night
of the Carnaval in nearby Águilas

Sounds like a plan to me!

Some scenes from tonight's Junior practice . . .

Junior QB Alberto Talavera . . .

 . . . is getting better,
poco a poco

You just have to love our AstroDirt practice complex!

The Juniors do have Fashion Sense

The bulk of our Junior team is made up of players who are ages 13 to 16 thus still qualifying them to play in Cadet games. Now, these Cadet games are interesting as it is a full contact five man version of American football.

Our Cadets have a 6:00 p.m. game at home on Saturday against the Cehegin Wolves.

It should be interesting to watch.

Reading Is FUNdamental

This was a very good read, these two authors have a chance to sell a lot of books in my opinion.

Thank you to Catalina Gracia Saavedra for uploading the following photo.

 Julie Bastiand

I mentioned in the post about our game in Zaragoza last Sunday that one of the most passionate American football fans in all of EuroBall, Julie Bastiand.

We first met Julie in Lyon, France where her brother Fred plays Strong Safety for the Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons.

She is now living in Zaragoza and made the effort to come see our game against the Hornets.

She supported us without question but she was much more subdued as it was neither the Falcons or her brother Fred on the field.

Yes, passionate is the right word for Julie.

Hey, speaking of passion, only . . .

More Days!!!

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