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Reus Imperials Game

Sunday, 15, February, 2015:

Murcia Cobras (1-1) vs. Reus Imperials (2-0)
at Murcia's Estadio Monte Romero

Week #4 of the 2015 Spanish Serie B League season brought a well coached, hard hitting 2-0 Reus Imperials team to Murcia for the Cobras' first home game of the campaign.

The Imperials played in last year's Serie B championship game and were the pre-season pick to win our Par Conference. From what I saw on video tapes of their first two games, they looked as good as billed.

In their first two games, both at home, the Imperials had defeated the Santurtzi Coyotes 28-14 and the Barcelona Búfals 42-0.

As usual, thanks as always to Oscar Constante and Catalina Gracia Saavedra for all of the great game photos.

 Our state-of-the-art AstroDirt
by Monsanto game field was ready

Cobra Team Panoramic

Helmets Up, Spirts High


REUS BALL: Alberto boomed the opening kickoff into the end zone bit the Imperials did a good job of mixing the run and the pass as they drove down the field. Their QB scrambled the final 20 yards for the game's first score. The PAT was good and Reus led 7-0.

MURCIA BALL: An all too familiar this season Three and Out, Punt but Jorge's great punt gave our defense good field position again.

REUS BALL: A big QB sack on second down led to an interception by MLB Jorge and great field position for our offense!

MURCIA BALL: Three and Out, Punt again. Another solid punt by Jorge saw Mini-Q make a fine open field tackle.

REUS BALL: CB Rufete made the big play as his interception ended the Imperials drive.

MURCIA BALL: Cobra QB Angel connected with Pablo Serrano on a big pass completion on the last play of the First Quarter.

The score after 12 minutes of play was Imperials 7 - Cobras 0. 

 Rally to the ball

Jump Rafa

The Line of Scrimmage

Largo dragging down an Imperial

Tough Reus fullback

Jorge's hands making an interception


COBRAS BALL: The drive that ended the First Quarter continued but ended with another good punt by Jorge.

IMPERIALS BALL: A 50 yard TD bomb plus a PAT increased the Reus lead to 14-0.

COBRAS BALL: We moved the ball a bit again on this drive but Jorge was once again called to deliver a good punt. He did not disappoint.

IMPERIALS BALL: A methodical drive this time for Reus ended with another TD scramble by their QB. The PAT was good and Rues was cruising with a lead of 21-0.

COBRAS BALL: After the Reus kickoff sailed into the end zone, the Cobras' solid drive was highlighted by a great catch by Rafa which set the Cobras up at the one yard line for Angel's subsequent QB Sneak for a TD. Alberto's PAT was good and the score was now Imperials 21 - Cobras 0.

IMPERIALS BALL: Alberto's kickoff was again a touchback but it did not hamper the Reus offense which drove down the field with precision scoring on the last play of the half on a nine yard post route. The PAT was good.

The score at the half was Reus 28 - Murcia 7.

 Tackle by Rufete

 Angel cutting and slashing

 SS Mini-Q won the Game Hammer

Bryan returning a kickoff

Tomás setting to pass block

Jorge and Casta closing in

Jesus making a tough catch

 Big play to the 1 yard line set up . . .

. . . this QB Sneak TD by Angel

Pablo Serrano on the grab

 QB Sack


MURCIA BALL: On fourth and short at mid-field, the Cobras opted to go for it. We were stopped short.

REUS BALL: The Imperials made a forth down conversion on this drive that ended with a 25 yard TD pass. The PAT attempt was wide left and the Imperials led 34-7.

MURCIA BALL: Three and Out, Punt. Jorge drilled another good one as our Special Teams continued to play well.

REUS BALL: Cobra DE Brady came up with a big play as he knocked down a fourth down Reus pass on the last play of the Third Quarter.

The score after three periods was Reus 34 - Murcia 7.


I'm Flying!

Raiders distress flag?

Jesus 1 on 1

Angel going deep

The ball draws a crowd

No, David Lassen, I'm NOT adding
rabbit ears to this Ref



Alberto on the Pass Rush


COBRAS BALL: Another clutch pass reception by Rafa got the ball down to the two yard line. Apparently, Rafa has a history of making big catches in the Red Zone but never scoring. Angel changed that by finding Rafa again on a two yard pass for a TD. Alberto's kick was perfect and the Imperials lead had been cut to 34-14.

IMPERIALS BALL: Alberto put another kickoff into the end zone and Mini-Q made a great play on a Reus wide receiver screen to force a Reus Three and Out, Punt.

COBRAS BALL: Rafa does it again with yet another fine catch but Murcia turns the ball over on downs.

IMPERIALS BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

COBRAS BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

IMPERIALS BALL: Reus took a knee one time as the game came to a close.

The Final Score: Reus (3-0) 34 - Murcia (1-2) 14.

The Imperials are indeed a fine team and were clearly the better team today.

On a positive note, the Cobras fought hard to the end and showed great spirit against long odds as the game progressed. As a coach, that is all that I can ask for from week to week. Additionally, our Kicking Game continues to play well thanks to Jorge's punting and Alberto's kicking. Finally, after three games we lead the turnover battle by a margin of 7-0, that is also something to take with a measure of pride.

Their are no Serie B league games this coming week which is a good thing after a very physical game today.

Up next for the Cobras is another home game, the last one of the first round of league play against the 2-1 Barcelona Búfals who are currently in second place in our Par Conference. 


Week #4 Results:
Reus 34 - Murcia 14
Santurtzi 8 - Zaragoza Hornets 0
BYE: Barcelona

Par Conference Standings:
Reus Imperials 3-0
Barcelona Búfals 2-1
Santurtzi Coyotes 2-2
Murcia Cobras 1-2
Zaragoza Hornets 0-3

Week #5 Schedule:
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Barcelona (2-1) at Murcia (1-2)
Zaragoza Hornets (0-3) at Reus (3-0)
BYE: Santurtzi (2-2)

Week #4 Results:
Barberá 27 - Zaragoza Hurricanes 13
Granada 26 - Coslada 7
BYE: Las Rozas

Impar Conference Standings:
Barberá Rookies 3-0
Coslada Camioneros 2-1
Granada Lions 2-1
Zaragoza Hurricanes 1-3
Las Rozas Black Demons 0-3

Week #5 Schedule:
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Barberá (3-0) at Coslada (2-1)
Las Rozas (0-3) at Granada (2-1)
BYE: Zaragoza Hurricanes (1-3)

More days . . .

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