Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rainy Tuesday Made for Video Work

Tuesday, 10 February, 2015:

Rainy weather made it a good day to spend most of the day in La Hacienda reviewing videos of both our Hornet-Cobra game last Sunday and the two videos of the Reus Imperials who we play at home next Sunday.

A few things to catch up on first . . . 

#86 Alejandro Sotomayor
DE and Cobra Team President

Jerry Jones just wishes he could still play the game while our President does play the game!

And quite well against the Hornets I might add.

The main reason I mention Alejandro is that last night, after our Senior team's practice, he gave me his old DVD player complete with cords and a remote control!!!

The used DVD that I bought about six weeks ago did not come with a remote control, so I had zero capability to select languages, freeze or go fast forward or backwards.

This new DVD player has made life in La Hacienda much nicer.


I don't know why I have not mentioned this earlier, the day I arrived in Murcia our friend Rosa gave me both a coffee maker and this juicer.

On that same day, our good friend Roberto also gave me a large bag of citrus fruits.

My love for the famed Spanish zumo, fresh squeezed OJ, has been well documented in all of the national press over the years. Now I get to make my own daily.

Let the good times ROLL!!!

More details on our Conference standings

This chart is courtesy of the Reus Imperials', our upcoming opponents, website.

It appears that we both play solid defense but they also play outstanding offense.

I did leave La Hacienda to make a mid-day run to the Biblioteca Regional to get new DVDs to watch at night over the next few days.

Along the way, I saw . . .

A refreshing fountain

A mysterious woman

Laurie's soon to be
newest favorite shoe store

Speaking of young Miss Laurie, only . . .

More days . . .

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