Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Edition of Travel Friday - The City of Lights Special, Day I

I left The Villa on Friday on the 5:55 a.m. #25 bus heading to Gare Part-Dieu to catch the 7:02 TGV high speed train to Paris.

Two hours later and voilà, I was in the City of Lights!

Leftist Metro Art at Gare de Lyon

My Metro Stop in the Montmartre
area of Paris

My home for the next three nights

I specifically opted for this nice little spot in the bohemian Montmartre region of Paris because on my previous week in Paris, I did not get to see the Sacré-Coeur Basilica which is only a few blocks from this spot.

Oh good, a Boulangerie just around
the corner from my hotel

Irish Cheese á la Guiness?

It actually tasted pretty darn good!

A Church in the Montmartre . . .

. . . with an Angel


Laurie Contreras is in the house! This is going to be a GREAT weekend indeed!!!!!!

Merci, Koreen FitzGerald for driving
Laurie to the airport in Los Angeles

Typical Montmartre Corner

 Sacré-Couer Basilica

Sacré-Couer Domes

 Juggler near the Montmartre Steps

Sword Down at the Basilica

And the Sword Up Too

 Laurie on the Basilica's Steps

It's a Basilica, of course it has gargoyles!

Nice Beak!

St. Michael at work

 Lion on the Basilica's Door

No pictures allowed inside the Basilica, a full squad of nuns were roaming the area. They looked like they meant business, so I put my camera away.

 Roosting in Montmartre

 Active Street in Montmartre

Colorful Street in Montmartre

Grand Marnier Crêpes . . .

Bohemian Tables

I Just Liked the Sign

Tempting but NO!

Singing Up a Storm! 

Old Store Front

Time for wine and people watching

GREAT Waiter

Nice Pants

Self Portraits?

Agreeing to Disagree

Artist's Palette

 Delicious, Decadent Macarons

You can Walk the Plank at #29!!!

What the . . .???

Festive Shop Front

VERY Random Pipe

 Griffin Guarding the Latin Quarter

We headed this way to find a restaurant for dinner. We have had many friends suggest places for us to dine in Paris.

So many great places, so little to time.

Recommended by Olivier Rival

 The Menu was small which is a good sign

 The Atmosphere was Quaint

The food was wonderfully prepared and the staff was attentive and helpful, a GREAT dining experience!

This turret is why the Café
is called La Tourelle

Notre Dame Cathedral

Just a short walk from La Tourelle and an excuse to burn some calories.

Good Old Headless St-Denis

Notre Dame from across
the River Seine

 Iconic English Language Bookstore

Mickey doing the Harlem Shake?

Our first day together, re-united in romantic Paris was . . .

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Glad to see the happy couple reunited. Have a great time.