Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great Tuesday at New Times Donuts

Laurie and I started a good day in Lyon by heading downtown to New Times Donuts to meet Cathy Pfaff and some of her friends at the American Club's Tuesday morning Coffee Chat.

This is a chance for people to get together to practice their old and/or new found English language skills.

New Times Donuts is indeed an American style donut shop that also sells . . .

. . . All sorts of American food products

No policemen though.

A total of eleven English language
speakers showed up to the chat today

Mia, the young lady in white speaking to Laurie here, was a delight to meet. She is originally from Wisconsin and is married to a Frenchman. Her job was fascinating to us.

Mia works as a tour guide for bicycle riders touring in the regions of Provence, Normandy and Brittany for a week at a time in the Spring and Summer.

After the two hour chat session, Laurie and I joined Cathy for a delicious lunch at Le Jardin de Berthe . . .


Spring was DEFINITELY in the air today

Laurie went searching for key
supplies in this Monoprix store

Laurie by my favorite Lyon fountain

The evening was highlighted by a very high energy practice by our 7-0 Senior team. It was good preparation for this Sunday's regular season finale at home against the 1-5 Clermont-Ferrand Servals.

Go Falcons GO!!!


Michael said...

I see Twinkies!!!

George said...

Only the highest quality cuisine is served in Lyon!

Olivier R said...

I got to stop in that store next month! But since when is nesquik an American food product?!

David said...

Olivier: Nesquik originated in the U.S. in 1948 as Nestle's Quik. (per Wikipedia.)

Olivier R said...

maybe but there is nesquik in all convenient stores in France, this is not seen as an " American product" that is hard to find like doctor pepper, oreos or peanut butter... I suspect knowing the culinary tastes of both sides of the Atlantic that the per capita consumption of nesquik is way higher in France than in the us

Laurie, a.k.a. Mom said...

Nestle's Quick, a.k.a. 'Bunny' to some.

Julien said...

Olivier Rival, you should move to Lyon, Oreo are everywhere now, as peanut butter and even doctor pepper!

See you soon my friend!

Olivier R said...

LOL Julien, Oreo is not what i miss the most from Lyon! A good old Tablier de Sapeur or some saussisson chaud is more in my list!