Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Walking Tour of Lyon's Sights

Today John and I took his sister Amber and cousin Leslie who are our Villa guests on a long walking tour of Lyon.

We opted to start the day at the Farmer's Market high atop La Croix-Rousse.

Cherry Tomatoes

For some strange reason, they made me think of Laurie today. 

So did these Olives

Weird how I kept thinking about Laurie all day.

The Peppers . . . not so much

John, Amber and Leslie were
definitely into the Farmer's Market

We stopped at the weekly AVF Club
meeting to enjoy Brazilian Food

 At the Place des Terraux Fountain

Cool Shopping in Lyon

At St-Jean Cathedral 

Toga Party This Weekend?

At the Roman Amphitheater

We were too! 

Colorful Store Front

Vieux Lyon background 

Your Tour Guides
George and John

WOW, it is now only . . .

More Day until Paris!!!

I'm packed and ready. I've been to Paris before and have already visited all of the major sights, so I have no idea about what "Surprise Offer" the City of Lights could possibly have in store for me.

We'll see . . .


Olivier R said...

George, your cherries are tomatoes!!

George said...


You are right as usual about these cherry tomatoes that were surely grown in Provence.