Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gorgeous Day in Lyon

Only in Lyon could you find
a beautiful day like today!

Bonjour, Deux Café SVP

Is there anything more French/European than sipping a great café at a sidewalk table on a Spring day?

Laurie enjoying the sunshine

Vieux Lyon's interesting skyline

It was time to get Laurie reacquainted with Lyon's UNESCO World Heritage Old Town starting with the St-Jean Cathédrale. 

Why Gargoyles?

To ward off evil spirits of course!

All of these are headless

The French Revolution was not kind to Catholic churches to say the least.

Inside St-Jean Cathédrale

Nice Tulips on a Side Altar

Glorious Stain Glass Reflecting
on a Bright, Sunny Day

How exactly do you carve marble like this?

Two Masterpieces

Pit Stop at the Café Cathédrale

A French Classic


Stone Face

Fun Faces

Interesting Biker Faces

By the time of our two evening practices for the Cadets and Juniors, the temperature had dropped and it sprinkled a bit.

Still, all in all, it was a great day in Lyon if you had a date.

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