Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday in Paris

Get a cup of coffee, this is a long post necessitated by a wondrous day in Paris.

Stairwell at our Hotel Audran

First Bread of the Day

Cousin Harris?

Pablo Picasso's Home in the early 1900s

Delightful Water Fountain

Interesting Montmartre Sign

A long standing artist's haunt

VERY long standing by this list
of former artistic patrons

I liked this simple storefront

Getting her shop ready for a busy
Saturday in the Montmartre

The artists were setting up too

Laurie started shopping early

Parisians Strolling


Anybody need an apron?

Back at the Sacré-Couer Basilica

Domes in a Line

Love Gargoyles

Who is he?

According to good friend, Olivier Rival, this is France's only canonized ruler, King Louis IX, now known simply as St. Louis.

The Montmartre Steps


Laurie on the Montmartre Steps

Cloth sales were brisk

I have no clue what this
big building is called

Olivier Rival . . . I NEED YOUR HELP!

Olivier has spoken, it is the Grand Palais where major exhibitions are held.

Glinting Gold

What's that?

Laurie was cold,
the café was hot

Cannons defending the Army Museum

Ah the Sun

Army Museum Grounds Entry Arch

"Hey Good Looking"

"Why, Hi Handsome!"

Get on your War Face

The Army Museum

It is supposed to be the best military museum in Europe. After touring it, I can not argue against that statement.


He is BIG in these parts!

The old Denver Broncos helmet decal?

21 Cannon Salute on the way?

I told you he was BIG!

Time to enter a wonderful museum.

Horses Needed Protection Too

Armor Details

Intricate Rifle Work

Hungry Rifle Butt

Laurie eyeing her sized armor


Sword Hilts were interesting

Different Hilts

Ornate Hilt

Equally Ornate Scabbard

Cannon Art

Cannon Worn Down

Cannon Art

Say "AHHH"

Cannon Handles

Cannon Handles in Love

This IS France after all.


You may recall that I out dueled Laurie last Summer in a one-on-one crossbow competition.

Eiffel Tower Powder Horn?

Sicilian Medal

With the Falcons getting ready for the last game of the regular season this coming Sunday and the playoffs starting in three weeks, I was inspired today at the Army Museum.

Special helmets for the Falcons' playoff run!

I've got it down to these six final designs, what do you think? Vote for one only.

Helmet 1

Helmet 2

Helmet 3

Helmet 4

Helmet 5

Helmet 6

Next up was a stop at Napoléon's Tomb which is also on the grounds of the Army Museum.

Tomb Building

King on Guard

Napoléon's Tomb

The Cupola above the Tomb

Every Tomb needs an Altar


The Emperor's Crown


Napoléon himself pointing to the section
of his Code regarding Refs grabbing Coaches

He was THE MAN!

His Royal Majesty

Lunch Break in the
Army Museum's Cafeteria

Random Statue

After lunch, we entered the part of the Army Museum dealing mostly with the two World Wars.

He looks important

The Regiment!

Traitors are never popular

Paris Taxis like this one took combatants
out of Paris to the WWI front

The Maltese Falcon?

A Craig McKenzie Fez?

France Needed Help . . .

. . . From Everywhere

Fun Loving, Romantic Nazis

Laurie's Favorite Tank Turret

Vichy and Occupied France Explained

Napoléon Again

Nice Club

Young Napoléon

Sporting a John van den Raadt haircut it appears.

Emperor Napoléon

A Dying Napoléon

Oh, it's the Eiffel Tower!

Time for dinner!

Great Arch

St. Anthony

Recommended by both Fred "Papi" Bastiand
and Mark Johnson

Good Menu

Great Food and Better Company

Busy Saturday Night at Chartier's

The Dessert was Excellent!!!

Troop Movements at Verdun?

No, it was our order and final tab

After another fabulous meal, we needed to walk off some of the meal. Where to go?

Good Idea Laurie!!!

I wonder what Vanessa is up to tonight?

Two Iconic Figures

10:00 p.m. Light Show

Turn your computer sideways
to see some of the light show



One last café before bed?

What a great city! We love Paris and can't wait to see more of it on Sunday!!!


Olivier R said...

Lol George, will answer two of your questions:
The equestrian statue on the sacré coeur represents good old king St Louis!! (BTW have you visited the "Sainte Chapelle"? This is actually my favorite place in Paris, you really HAVE to go there!)

The big building you were wondering about is Le Grand Palais, built for one of the universal expositions Paris hosted at the end of the 19th century. It is now used for art exhibits, a great place.

George said...

Merci, Olivier.

David said...

I'm voting for helmet 2, because it will discourage helmet-to-helmet contact.

Michael said...

Was Hezekiah at the Montamarte Steps?

George said...


Of course he was there!

itzbfitz said...

The alar aspects of helmet 4 make it most Falcon-like!

Michael said...

I go for Helmet #2 with the stache.